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Podcast: July 9, 2011

Show Notes:

  • Microsoft Remote Workers Study: Jason Rook, Microsoft Heartland Area Partner Manager.  Study found that Detroit information workers aren’t using telecommunications as much as they might.  What are the consequences for Detroit?  How can new MS  Office 365 help bridge the gap?
  • MCWT scholarship winners: Tamara Grzebyk, University Graduate Scholarship from Plymouth, Michigan and Beth Hadley, High School Scholarship from Novi. These outstanding young women won scholarships from the Michigan Council of Women in Technology.  Charlotte Decker, MCWT VP of Program Development & Scholarships and VP and C TO of Auto Club Group will discuss the MCWT’s efforts to encourage more young women to make Information Technology and Computing their life goal.

Don’t forget that the entire second hour of our program is dedicated to taking your computer questions and finding solutions.  Call us toll free at 800-859-0957.

Podcast: July 9, 2011 HR 1 Open

Podcast: July 9, 2011 HR1 Detroit Remote Workers

Podcast: July 9, 2011 HR1 MCWT Scholarship Winners

Podcast: July 9, 2011 Hour 2


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Facebook Lets You Literally Face Your Friends

Facebook made a huge leap forward by including a Skype-like function that allows you to video chat with your friends when they are on Facebook (providing, of course, that they have a camera on their computer!)  This could be a huge competitive jump for the uber-social site.  Our old friend Mike Wendland has a video and some how to instructions on this site.

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Vista SP1 and Office XP "End of Life"

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Microsoft Office XP will reach the end of support on July 12, 2011. From that date onward, Microsoft will no longer provide support or free security updates for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1). In order to stay secure and continue support you must upgrade to Service Pack 2 (SP2).

Click on the clicks below to view Microsofts life (support) cycle of other Microsoft Office and Windows OS versions

Oh, and for computers that are still running Windows XP SP3, your end of life and end of support is April, 2014

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Almost Indestructible Botnet Uncovered

A malicious code known as TDL has infected nearly 4.5 million computers around the world in the last three months. Not normally big news except that security analysts are saying that this vampire won’t die even if you drive a stake through its heart.  The TDL botnet has developed its own security algorithm that makes it almost impossible to get at its main servers and even when they are shut down, the system still keeps working its damage!  Read the full story.

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Microsoft Office 365: Ready for Prime Time?

Microsoft announced the release of its contender for Office in the Cloud with the release of Office 365 Beta. Reviews are mixed and there is a lot of very direct comparing going on between Google Apps and the incredibly complex pricing arrangement of Office 365 not to mention its convoluted structure.  In all fairness, this is just the Beta but it is crucial for Microsoft that businesses buy into this program big time.  Read this interesting PCmag review. Ed Bott of CNet also posted an interesting article with three things for small businesses to consider when looking at Office 365.

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Podcast: July 2, 2011

Gary Baker,                Ed Rudel,                 Cal Carson,            Erik Anderson

Show Notes:

On Thursday, June 30, the Michigan Public Service Commission and its partner, Connect Michigan released a  new and in-depth report on Michigan’s broadband development and rate of adoption.  Phillip Brown, from Connected Nation will join Gary Baker and the guys to talk about the state of broadband deployment in Michigan and the vital role it plays in the Renaissance of this Great Lake State.

Erik Anderson has The Mac Minute to report on all the dust up over Apple’s new video editing platform Final Cut Pro X.

Most importantly there will be lots of time for you to get your questions answered about your computer on this holiday weekend show.

Podcast: July 2, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: July 2, 2011 – Hour 1

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Google+ is here. Has Facebook met its match?

Google+ arrived now the question is: Did Google get social right this time or this just another run at beating Facebook at being the social networking king?  Check out this demo of the Google+ Project.

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