Podcast: July 16, 2011

Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun and Erik Anderson

Show Notes:

Noted Internet Columnist Mike Elgan returns to describe his Strict Google+ Diet.  Mike has abandoned all other forms of social networking…even Skype…in favor of strictly using the tools involved in Google+ He even gave some of our guys special invites to Google+ so that we have had a chance to play with it.  Will this be the new “Facebook Killer” in the same way that Facebook dispatched My Space?  Learn about all the bells and whistles that Google+ offers for free and decide for yourself.

Cal Carson will share some of the highlights of the upcoming Mac Group Meeting.  Ed Rudel will reveal his plans for a “Survival Thumb Drive” with the essential applications for defeating your computer’s foes.

Remember the second hour of our program is all yours.  Call us with your computer problems at 1-800-859-0957!

Podcast: July 16, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: July 16, 2011 – Hour 2

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