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Free first aid for a wide range of Windows ills

Fred Langa

By Fred Langa on June 11, 2015

Did you know that Microsoft offers over 500 automated, online solutions for common problems you might encounter with Windows software and hardware?

And that’s on top of the dozens of always-available troubleshooting tools built into Windows 7 and Windows 8.

I’m sure most Windows users are unaware of the breadth and depth of fix-it apps and troubleshooters available for free from Microsoft. As the LangaList Plus columnist, I thought I was on top of that topic. But even I had no idea that there are now over 500 solutions at our fingertips. Wow!

Full article in Windows Secrets Newsletter

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Your First Hour With Windows 8

Don’t let the nay-sayers scare you away from Windows 8.  Windows Secrets newsletter has an excellent article that will help you start using the revolutionary new operating system without a lot of grief.

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Left Behind: Windows Standard Crowd

A long-time Windows supporter and analyst for all the past incarnations of Microsoft’s OS is haunted by the notion that Windows 8 is leaving him and his colleagues behind. Woody Leonhard, of Windows Secrets Newsletter, expresses grave doubts about the direction toward which Windows seems to be heading.  The march toward the Metro interface on the Consumer Preview of Windows 8, means the departure of old signposts like the “Start button.”  Looks like mobile devices are having a profound affect on desktops as well as laptops.

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Win7′s no-reformat, nondestructive reinstall

Windows 7 is arguably Microsoft’s best operating system to date but there still can be unforeseen disasters.  Fred Lange of the Windows Secrets newsletter posted a whole recipe for recovering from a Windows 7 disaster. This article is worth printing off and keeping on hand if not for yourself then for a friend whose PC has been taken over by a nasty virus.  This way you also get to keep your files on the computer without having to remove and protect them all.  You did that with backup already…Right?…Right?

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Watch out for .Net updates!

For you PC users, Susan Bradley of Windows Secrets Newsletter, our guest from June 25, has a strong warning about installing Microsoft’s .Net updates. She also has some detailed information in the latest Windows Secrets about other patch information and how to solve problems caused by troublesome patches.  Well worth the reading for PC users.

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It's Time to Move Up to IE9

Windows Secrets is a great free monthly newsletter about all things Windows and, while it can get a bit high tech at times, it also has excellent insight into Microsoft’s key players.  This month security expert Susan Bradley is encouraging Vista and Win 7 PC owners to move up boldly to Internet Explorer 9. See if you agree.

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