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College Internet Hook Up Tips

Getting junior ready for college is not just about getting new computer devices and software; you have to understand and be ready for the whole university Internet security experience.

  1. Have good security in place before you hook up to the university system.
  2. Image (clone/completely copy) your student’s hard drive and keep a copy at home
  3. As an extra precaution install a special “tech” user account on the computer that only the family tech expert ( you ) have the password to and/or…
  4. Install a remote desktop application that allows you to enter, diagnose, back up and fix your student’s computer without driving 5 hours across the state! ;-D
  5. Be prepared to have your system scanned by university IT
  6. Understand having a good password ready for the university system
  7. Lock your screen/device when not in use
  8. Securing your equipment with locks, good solid covers and good bags
  9. Use your Common Sense Filter (often unused or underused)
  10. Find my iPad/iPhone/LoJack your computer/tablet/phone.  People steal stuff in the wide open environment of a university.
  11. Buy fake vomit or cigarette butts at a novelty store and glue it onto the cover of the laptop (This really worked for a friend of ours.  

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