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Apple's $1,049,343,540 Victory Over Samsung

Follow the full coverage of all the in’s and out’s of the Apple/Samsung trial and its repercussions on CNet. Excellent in-depth coverage of the trial, the verdict and the consequences.  The verdict will be immediately appealed but its consequence can’t be undone.

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Saving Face for Parents of Teens

We are supposed to be leading our children but by the time they get to middle school, we are a couple of generations of social media behind.  (Remember My Space?) Emily Hay, CEO of Hay There Social Media and Sheri Watkins developed Saving Face for Parents, a 7 video series to help parents understand and guide their children through these choppy digital waters.

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Podcast Aug. 25, 2012: Saving Face for Parents (corrected)

Show Notes:

Emily Hay, of Hay There Social Media has developed a program to help parents deal with the social media and their tweens.  Emily is also our Internet Advisor Media Expert.

Sheri Kam: Mother of tweens and PR Director for both Parcells Middle School in Grosse Pointe, MI. Sheri was our guest along with  with her husband, Eric Kam in June . Sheri shares tips for parents.

Survive the Spike: Seth Samuels returned from the 2012 Olympics with a dream of preserving the excitement and connections through his website. Seth uses storytelling to preserve the energy of events through the model of Survive the Spike.

The Mac Minute with Erik Anderson Topics: Apple wins a $1 Billion+ verdict against Samsung. What are the implications for rest of smartphone market and tech in general?

Internet Advisor Takeaway: Downcast $1.99 on the App Store for iPhones.  Much better than free Podcast App.

If you are listening over the Michigan Radio Network or to our Podcasts (subscribe or download right here) , send us an email or drop your question in the Forums.

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MacGroup Detroit: August Meeting 8/26/12 Moutain Lion

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Podcast Aug. 18, 2012: Woven Wind Project

Show Notes:

Weaving the Wind: John Barrie, Executive Director Appropriate Technology Collaborative A creative international volunteer project that combines advanced technology and the skills of native women weavers who make the blades for windmills that bring power to remote Guatemalan villages.

Tina Watson, Senior Infrstrastructure Manager at GE, and board member of ATC. Tina Watson’s Guatemala Trip.

For more information on the Circuits and  Solar class and Laptops for Latin America, send email to

College Hook Up: Once your student gets to college, what happens when they first hook up to the network? Foster’s adventure at Central Michigan University and tech dads Gary Baker and Ed Rudel add their experiences.

Internet Advisor Takeaway: Museums on Us – Save some money on a short getaway to a museum. Bank of America is offering free admission to lots of museums on selected weekends through out the year. Just present your Bank of America ATM card for one free admission per cardholder.

The Mac Minute with Erik Anderson: All the Apple rumors fit to spread at the start of hour 2.

Darik’s Boot and Nuke Software for complete erasure of a hard drive.

If you are listening

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College Internet Hook Up Tips

Getting junior ready for college is not just about getting new computer devices and software; you have to understand and be ready for the whole university Internet security experience.

  1. Have good security in place before you hook up to the university system.
  2. Image (clone/completely copy) your student’s hard drive and keep a copy at home
  3. As an extra precaution install a special “tech” user account on the computer that only the family tech expert ( you ) have the password to and/or…
  4. Install a remote desktop application that allows you to enter, diagnose, back up and fix your student’s computer without driving 5 hours across the state! ;-D
  5. Be prepared to have your system scanned by university IT
  6. Understand having a good password ready for the university system
  7. Lock your screen/device when not in use
  8. Securing your equipment with locks, good solid covers and good bags
  9. Use your Common Sense Filter (often unused or underused)
  10. Find my iPad/iPhone/LoJack your computer/tablet/phone.  People steal stuff in the wide open environment of a university.
  11. Buy fake vomit or cigarette butts at a novelty store and glue it onto the cover of the laptop (This really worked for a friend of ours.  

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Woven Wind Project

The skills of native weavers and American volunteers have found a way to create electricity and jobs out of the wind.  Appropriate Technology Collaborative, led by John Barrie and university volunteers have found a way of helping local Guatemalan women weave the blades of windmills that will produce power and employment.

The Appropriate Technology Collaborative is a non-profit based in Ann Arbor.  ATC designs, develops demonstrates and distributes new technologies that improve the quality of life for the world’s poorest people. One of our current projects, with students from U of M, is the Woven Wind Project, a design for wind turbine blades that are woven out of cloth.  Since women in Guatemala are weavers, this will give them a way to make their own electricity as well as starting their own businesses.


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Back-to-School Computer Buying Guide

One of the most frequently asked questions on our show is “How should I go about buying a new computer?”  This week Mark Kyrnin, at posted an excellent checklist for parents and students alike that we reproduce here in part. For all the links attached to the story see the original article at

Back to School Computer Guide

Tips for Buying an Educational Computer

By Mark Kyrnin , Guide


Computers play a large role in the education of students today. With the rise of word processing, computers began to make inroads into the education environment but today it goes far beyond that. Students use computers to do research, communicate with teachers and colleagues, and create multimedia presentations to name just a few. This makes purchasing a computer for the home or college student much more important, but how does one know what type of computer to buy?

Before shopping for a computer, check with the school regarding any recommendations, requirements or restrictions there may be on student computers. Often times colleges will have recommended minimum computer specifications that can be helpful in narrowing down your search. Similarly, they may have a list of necessary applications that …

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Deadly New Super Virus On the Loose

There is a new cyber beast loose in the Mideast according to reports this week from security experts at Kapersky. Gauss now enters the common vocabulary of digital fear along with Stuxnet and Flame. Full Story

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Podcast August 11, 2012: Gadget Guy Back-To-School Guide

Show Notes:

Gadget Guy Back-to-School Special

C Net Blogger and Internet Advisor Gadget Guy Rick Broida has a backpack full of advice for students heading to college and high school…or rather for the folks who will pay the bill, the parents! Laptops (Ultrabooks?), Tablets, Flash Drives, Printers, Software and even Backpacks will be considered.

Rick’s Check List

Audiolio:  iPad app for taking lecture notes.

Gadget Guy Deal of the Week: Republic Wireless and its $19/month smartphone service.

The Mac Minute with Erik Anderson at the start of the second hour of our show.

Internet Advisor Takeaway:(Cal)  WinX DVD to iPad Ripper for Mac or PC is a freebee for a limited time.   This is a program you can download from Digiarty Software. For a limited time you can download the $29.95 app for free and receive the key code to have unlimited use of the product. The download is for a limited time only as it is a “Back to School” promotion. This allows you to convert you DVD’s to an iPad, iPhone, format for viewing on the go. They also offer the same program for Windows users.

If you are listening over the Michigan Radio Network or to …

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