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Facebook Filth Flood Foiled

After a week of disgusting pop ups on innocent accounts, Facebook lowers the boom on hackers. The social media giant says it knows who is behind the coordinated spam attack resulting in a huge flood of links, videos, and images depicting pornography, acts of violence, self-mutilation, and bestiality on the site.

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Microsoft Takes Out Huge Botnet

The folks in Redmond do more than develop software, they hunt down botnets and kill them!  Witness the demise of Rustock, a botnet that at one point contained over 2 million zombie computers responsible for sending 30 billion pieces of spam a day.

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Is the End of Spam Near?


Wouldn’t it be a wonderful 13th anniversary gift for the Internet Advisor to celebrate the end of spam? Pipe dream? ¬†Maybe not as impossible as you think!!!

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