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Podcast Aug. 25, 2012: Saving Face for Parents (corrected)

Show Notes:

Emily Hay, of Hay There Social Media has developed a program to help parents deal with the social media and their tweens.  Emily is also our Internet Advisor Media Expert.

Sheri Kam: Mother of tweens and PR Director for both Parcells Middle School in Grosse Pointe, MI. Sheri was our guest along with  with her husband, Eric Kam in June . Sheri shares tips for parents.

Survive the Spike: Seth Samuels returned from the 2012 Olympics with a dream of preserving the excitement and connections through his website. Seth uses storytelling to preserve the energy of events through the model of Survive the Spike.

The Mac Minute with Erik Anderson Topics: Apple wins a $1 Billion+ verdict against Samsung. What are the implications for rest of smartphone market and tech in general?

Internet Advisor Takeaway: Downcast $1.99 on the App Store for iPhones.  Much better than free Podcast App.

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