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Podcast 1519: The Gadget Guy Answers the Big Question & Listener Q & A




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The big Question

Show Notes

Hour 1

Rick Broida the Gadget Guy and legendary Cheapskate answers:

The Big Question: What should I buy to replace my aging PC before Windows 10 arrives?  PC or Laptop?

Don’t miss this rousing discussion that is being repeated everywhere as the deadline for the launch of Windows 10 approaches in the summer of 2015. Rick Broida wants to replace his mother’s aging computer and Foster Braun needs to replace his wife Ginny’s aging, refurbished Core Duo PC to make the move to Windows 10. New desktop or laptop?   Is cheapest best?  Do you trust brand names?  Will a “new” out-of-lease or refurbished device fill the bill?  How do you buy for the future but keep within a budget?  All questions that we will tackle with the Gadget Guy, Rick Broida.

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Tips for specific computer user groups

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rick_broidaGadget Guy Bonus

Free Utilities to Make your Computing Easier

Norton Identity Safe  (Important Note: A user just advised us that Norton also installs Norton Safe Search (a toolbar addon which

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Podcast 1512 March 28, 2015: Microsoft Special

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Congratulations Spartans!

Final Four Here We Come!






Show Notes:

Hour 1

It has been a long time since we had the opportunity to spend some time with the once indomitable digital brand that n0w finds itself in a rapidly changing digital world.  Today our entire first hour is dedicated to catching up with the Redmond giant and finding out what is shaking.

Dave SawyerWe are delighted to bring back Dave Sawyer, Technical Director, Heartland Microsoft Technology Center to help us get a grip on the many faces of Microsoft under its new leadership.  Dave comes equipped to answer our questions and show some of the newest gadgets that Microsoft is introducing.  What’s the difference between Office Web Apps and Office 365?  Is the Microsoft Band an avant garde music group? What in the world is the Internet of Things and when is Azure more than a color?  Is Internet Explorer going away? have a lot of explaining to do.  Oh and don’t forget the gadgets!  LOL

 Microsoft Special Part 1

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Microsoft Office 365

There has been a lot of confusion about Office Web Apps and Office 365.  In this …

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Podcast 1433 August 16, 2014: The Original Private Eye Arrives in Ann Arbor & PC Gladiator


Show Notes:

Pinkerton Logo

America’s Original Private Eye Comes Home to the Midwest

Jack Zaharan Jack Zahran, President of the Pinkerton, joins us to talk about why one of the oldest corporations in the US decided to move their home base to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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BONUS: Special Podcast Extra

Jack Zahran and Foster Braun continue the conversation about the shift in PInkerton’s focus and offices to Metro Detroit and what that will mean for services they offer companies.

Meet Detroit’s PC Gladiator

PC Gladiator LogoJeff Harter is a long time listener and the owner of PC Gladiator, a local computer repair shop in Livonia, MI.  Jack will be our special co-host for the show and help answer questions during the second hour.  We are delighted to have Jeff share the trends in computer sales and problems people are having with their computers.

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MiTechNews Headlines

Mike BrennanMike Brennan, Editor and Host of MiTechNews

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Fos Birthday cake


Hour 2        Answering Listener Questions:

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Cal’s Special Announcement about MacGroup

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