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The big Question

Show Notes

rick broida

Rick Broida, the Gadget Guy

Hour 1

Rick Broida the Gadget Guy and legendary Cheapskate answers:

The Big Question: What should I buy to replace my aging PC before Windows 10 arrives?  PC or Laptop?

Don’t miss this rousing discussion that is being repeated everywhere as the deadline for the launch of Windows 10 approaches in the summer of 2015. Rick Broida wants to replace his mother’s aging computer and Foster Braun needs to replace his wife Ginny’s aging, refurbished Core Duo PC to make the move to Windows 10. New desktop or laptop?   Is cheapest best?  Do you trust brand names?  Will a “new” out-of-lease or refurbished device fill the bill?  How do you buy for the future but keep within a budget?  All questions that we will tackle with the Gadget Guy, Rick Broida.

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Tips for specific computer user groups

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Free Utilities to Make your Computing Easier

Norton Identity Safe  (Important Note: A user just advised us that Norton also installs Norton Safe Search (a toolbar addon which must be uninstalled separately)  There is no such thing as a “free lunch”. 😉



M8 Free Clipboard

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Hour 2    Listener Question & Answer

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Fos, Gary, Shane*

Foster Braun and Gary Baker, the Original Internet Advisor Team

Jeff Harter sm

Guest Tech Expert, Jeff Harter, Owner, PC Gladiator, Livonia, MI

Bill Carver 1

Guest Tech Expert, Bill Carver, PC and Mac, Quicken Loan Tech Support

Hate Windows 8.1 Screen?

cornerTry Classic Shell for Windows 8.1


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Congratulations Emily Hay!

Emily award

Emily is on the far right.

Emily Hay

Emily Hay

On May 16, 2015 Emily Hay, our social media expert and founder of Haytheresocialmedia was recognized by Women in Communication with the Vanguard Award for innovatively using a communications medium during the past year. We always knew that she was star material but it’s nice to see that Emily is getting the recognition she deserves for being an innovative entrepreneur.  Congratulations Emily, ’bout time they figured this out!

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