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Microsoft Gives Away 1TB with Office 365

Realizing that business users and consumers alike are producing far more digital content than a few years ago, Microsoft has increased the amount of free OneDrive cloud storage available to Office 365 subscribers by 50 times.

Today, OneDrive comes with seven gigabytes of free storage, and Office 365 comes with 20 gigabytes of OneDrive storage. As of today, that’s changed: Microsoft will increase the free quota to 15 Gbytes, and OneDrive subscribers will receive a whopping 1 terabyte with their subscription. The changes will roll out over the next month.

“We chose that quota few years ago, and frankly, times have changed,” said Angus Logan, the head of product marketing for OneDrive, of the old limits. “The amount of storage that people are needing now, the amount of digital storage they’re spinning off, is quite a bit. Instead of recording 50 Kbytes of notes, I could end up recording 500 megabytes of video with my notes. Or everytime I take my Lumia and push that hardware button it uploads 10 megabytes to the cloud. It’s just a lot more than we needed before.”

By comparison, Logan noted, Dropbox offers 2 Gbytes for

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Microsoft rolls out Office Mobile for iPhone

Microsoft is making a mobile version of its Word, Excel and PowerPoint products available for iPhone users via its Office 365 subscription plan.

The roll-out begins starting June 14 in the U.S., with additional availability in 135 additional markets and 29 languages to follow next week. The Office Mobile for iPhone suite is available in the Apple app store.

Full ZDNet article by Mary Jo Foley

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Podcast: July 9, 2011

Show Notes:

  • Microsoft Remote Workers Study: Jason Rook, Microsoft Heartland Area Partner Manager.  Study found that Detroit information workers aren’t using telecommunications as much as they might.  What are the consequences for Detroit?  How can new MS  Office 365 help bridge the gap?
  • MCWT scholarship winners: Tamara Grzebyk, University Graduate Scholarship from Plymouth, Michigan and Beth Hadley, High School Scholarship from Novi. These outstanding young women won scholarships from the Michigan Council of Women in Technology.  Charlotte Decker, MCWT VP of Program Development & Scholarships and VP and C TO of Auto Club Group will discuss the MCWT’s efforts to encourage more young women to make Information Technology and Computing their life goal.

Don’t forget that the entire second hour of our program is dedicated to taking your computer questions and finding solutions.  Call us toll free at 800-859-0957.

Podcast: July 9, 2011 HR 1 Open

Podcast: July 9, 2011 HR1 Detroit Remote Workers

Podcast: July 9, 2011 HR1 MCWT Scholarship Winners

Podcast: July 9, 2011 Hour 2


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Microsoft Office 365: Ready for Prime Time?

Microsoft announced the release of its contender for Office in the Cloud with the release of Office 365 Beta. Reviews are mixed and there is a lot of very direct comparing going on between Google Apps and the incredibly complex pricing arrangement of Office 365 not to mention its convoluted structure.  In all fairness, this is just the Beta but it is crucial for Microsoft that businesses buy into this program big time.  Read this interesting PCmag review. Ed Bott of CNet also posted an interesting article with three things for small businesses to consider when looking at Office 365.

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13 Features of Office 365

Microsoft has a new cloud based version of Office called Office 365 designed for businesses.  Here are 13 outstanding features of this new virtual Office setup.

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MS Office 365

Here is something to consider if you don’t need MS Office very much and certainly don’t want to pay for it.  Office 365 is cloud based.

Gary Baker


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