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Podcast 1646 Creating a Culture of Innovation…Faking the News

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Show Notes

Hour  1: Building a Culture of Innovation




derek-bishopDerek Bishop the co-author of Building a Culture of Innovation along with Cris BeswickDerek BishopJo Geraghty joins us from England to discuss A Practical Framework for Placing Innovation at the Core of Your Business.  In other words, when companies get as big as some of the international automotive giants in Michigan, how do they stay nimble enough not to be run out of town by some upstart innovative company like Google or Tesla.  Are they doomed to die like the Leather Companies who made saddles and buggy whips in 1899 and were run over by Henry Ford’s invention?

Being a truly innovative company is more than the dreaming up of

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Ford Buys Local Software Hero

Jake Sigal founded Livio Radio in Ferndale, MI as a way to market his inventive media devices like Internet Radio Player, a turntable that turned vinyl into digital audio and a device that allowed older cars to play content from smartphones wirelessly.  Jake always had a new idea and Ford liked them all enough to buy his little company for $10 million.  The number two automaker will use Livio’s unique software interface to bring new applications to its FordSync system of in-car infotainment.

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Podcast Sept. 15, 2012 : Connected Cars

Show Notes:

Jake Sigal, Founder of Livio Radio presents Livio Connect.
Cars are rolling computers nowadays from precision fuel injection to screens in the place of the old speedometers or touch screens where buttons once abounded.  The problem is that there are more auto operating systems than computer OS.  So how do you design applications for all of these car computers?  Enter Livio Connect!
Wearable Technology: Patrick Bertagna, Founder of the patented GPS Smart Shoe and the smart phone GPS Tracking App.
Our team of Tech ExpertsGary Baker, Ed Rudel, Shane Hamelin
Emily Hay, Social Media Expert and founder of Hay There Social Media
Erik Anderson, The Mac Minute iPhone 5 and iPods launched (Congratulations to Erik on his move to WXYZ TV, Detroit)

Sites mentioned on the show:


Welcome to our Michigan Talk Network Affiliates

WJRW AM 1340 Grand Rapids Sun 1p-2p
WJIM AM 1240 Lansing Sun 2p-4p
WNEM AM 1250 Saginaw

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Podcast: March 17, 2012

Show Notes:

  • Stop all Websites From Tracking Your Movements…For Free: Sarah Downey from Abine tells how their DoNotTrackPlus browser plug in stops ALL tracking immediately for FREE.
  • Livio Radio Great Leap Forward: Jake Sigal, CEO and Founder of Livio Radio talks about the exciting new direction Livio has taken with apps for Cars and more!
  • Hands on with Windows 8 Consumer Preview: Rich Jaroslovsky, Bloomberg News Tech Analyst gives his view of the future Microsoft OS that Foster and Ed are testing right now along with millions of other curious techies.
  • The Mac Minute: Erik Anderson gives the latest on the newest iPad that went on sale 3/16/120

Since this is an extended program we will have TWO full hours to call us with your computer, Internet, and tech related questions.  Don’t miss your chance to be some help from our highly experienced team.  And remember: The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!


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