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Libya Finds New Way to Strangle the Net

While mid eastern users have found ways around other dictator’s attempts to block the Internet, Col. Moammar Gadhafi, Libya’s dictator, seems to be shutting down the Net for everyone but himself.   His son Muhammad Gadhafi just happens to own one of the country’s largest ISP’s which would explain the level of skill needed to do this, but we all know that this is a digital chess match that is far from over.

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IA Tech Roundtable #9 12/26/10

Click here for: IA Tech Roundtable #9 (approx 40 Min.)

2010 Tech Review Show Notes:

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FCC Opens "Super Wi-Fi" TV Bands

FCC has opened up unused TV signals (the white noise between channels) for Internet broadband use.  The Super  Wi-Fi” technology may start to appear within a year.  Full Story Ed Rudel

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10 Things the Internet Has Killed or Ruined (and 5 Things It Hasn't)

For good or for bad the Internet has had an incredible impact on things that we thought we would never see the end of like Yellow Pages!  Find out who the victims and victors are in this interesting article from PC World.  (Ed Rudel)

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