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URGENT: Stop using Microsoft's IE browser until bug is fixed, US and UK warn

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by   April 28, 2014

In a rare move that highlights the severity of the security hole in one of the Web’s most popular browsers, the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team and its British counterpart tell people to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft can fix it.


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New Microsoft IE 11 -6 flaw discovered.  US government Homeland security recommends to stop using IE and to use an alternate web browser until Microsoft corrects the flaw.  Exploits already on the Internet.

Microsoft technet article.

HomeLand Security Warning

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Bug Hits All Versions of Internet Explorer

“Microsoft is investigating new public reports of a vulnerability in all supported editions of Internet Explorer on all Microsoft Windows editions. The vulnerability could allow an attacker to cause a victim to run malicious scripts when visiting various Web sites, resulting in information disclosure.  IE has over 900 million users worldwide.  Microsoft has published a one-click “Fix it” workaround for the bug that involved locking down MHTML. This will prevent the launch of script in all zones within an MHTML document. Any application that uses MHTML will be affected by this workaround.” Full Article.

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Podcast: July 31, 2010

You might call the topic for our show this week: Browser Wars.  In the past, few people thought about choosing a browser for surfing the Internet because the majority of us used PC’s running Microsoft operating systems equipped with Internet Explorer.  Nowadays there are a lot of other options and depending on  your point of view, much better options.  This week join Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson and Foster Braun as they discuss the pro’s and con’s of the browsers you can use to surf the Internet.

We will start our open lines during the first hour for your computer questions and you will also enjoy our weekly The Mac Minute with Erik Anderson giving you the latest Apple news.

Podcast: July 31, 2010 – Hour 1
Podcast: July 31, 2010 – Hour 2

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