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HP Drops the Bomb: No more WebOS

HP stunned the computing world today by announcing that it is dropping its recently announced TouchPad and the WebOS that runs it.  Looks like a lot of people have a less expensive but now abandoned TouchPad.  Here’s the whole story.

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Lesson IBM Can Teach At 100 Years Old

We tend to think of tech companies in terms of the last 20 to 30 years when computing began its exponential growth. Who would have thought that the a Tabulating Company founded in 1911 would last long enough to teach companies like Apple and Micro a lesson or two despite its own challenges?  This is a great article about some of the reasons that IBM has stuck around this long. Makes you wonder what kind of shelf life Apple and Microsoft really have!

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HP Unveils Three Devices Running webOS

HP unveiled three new devices to challenge the smartphone and tablets that are already on the market with a new operating system: webOS.  Is this too little, too late or could webOS be their secret sauce.

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