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Podcast 1431 Aug. 2, 2014: IT in the D; Exanding Podcasts & Hackathon KIng

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IT in the D: Networking Detroit “One Beer at a Time”

It’s outrageous, it’s informative and it’s hugely popular.  IT in the D is a weekly, two hour podcast developed from the ground up by a group of Detroit IT warriors who decided that the young and growing IT industry in and around Detroit needed a voice. And, boy, did we get one!   Jeff Mackey and Bob Waltenspiel, two of the stars of the show (along with David Phillips) will join us in studio to talk about the state of IT in the D (the program and the industry) and about podcasting as the wave of the future for reaching masses of people focused on a narrow subject vs. broadcasting which casts a broad net. Don’t miss the conversation!

The IT in the D Story

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Happy First Anniversary: MiTechNews & Internet Advisor Co-edited Newsletter

Mike BrennanMike Brennan, Editor and Host of MiTechNews, and

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Jason JohnsonJason Johnson, producer for F7 Studios and podcast channel join us …

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