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Foster Braun Predictions 2014

Part 1

-IA/MITechNews Combo will develop new podcast presence in 2014.

-Walled OS gardens (iOS, Android, Windows 8 etc.) will grow higher and more impregnable. Interoperability and Open Source are on life support. 

-Steven Elop will be the new CEO of Microsoft when all the dust settles.  The fix is in.
-Apple will succeed where others have failed with the smart watch.

Sad Goodbyes
-Aereo (depending on the outcome of the Supreme Court hearing in 2014)
-Facebook – will experience a HUGE loss of key user base (45-65) due to privacy, video auto play and other distractions.
-Barnes & Noble

  • Where will Nook go?

Part 2

-Google, the evil empire will rise to dominate the tech scene from mobile to OS. 
-Amazon continue to will continue to dominate the eCommerce scene and maybe even release its own smartphone as a losing cost device like their tablets.
-Microsoft Surface products will gain wider acceptance and pave the way for Win 8 in popular mind. (BIG ACHILLES HEEL: Buggy software MUST be fixed (e.g. Evernote to YouVersion Bible)
-Windows Phone 8 will entrench itself as the third operating platform through solid overseas performance.
-TV Set-top box (w DVR) is new cord

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