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Emily Hay: Female Bloggers Blossom

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Today’s blog was prepared for the Internet Advisors show on WJR 760AM and on the Michigan Radio Network. You can access podcasts from themedia section of our site with content from Emily A. Hay, the show’s Social Media Contributor.

Hay There, Moms! For Mother’s Day weekend, we are celebrating some women who are passionate about social media, communicating and family.These days, passions like these can be channeled very effectively through a blog.Being a mom is not a requirement to be an exceptional female blogger; however, great bloggers are resourceful, in tune to their audience and they find a number of new and different ways to get their valuable messages out. Sounds like bloggers and parents have a lot in common!

Many female bloggers are strong communicators; they may also be sharp marketers, journalists, educators, PR professionals, and/or business owners. Today, we turn to the internet to not only find information, but to share ideas with our peers, to build friendships and establish networks on a personal and professional level. Social media savvy gals can lead significant initiatives both online and offline and even find time to

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