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Podcast 1824 : Memories from the Bartolini Kitchens & Happy Father’s Day to All

Show Notes:

Hour 1: The Bartolini History Begins in the Kitchen and MiTechNews for Father’s Day weekends


John Bartolini joins us to talk about tracing his family traditions by following a tasty trail in his aunt’s kitchen!  John is the brother of one of our faithful listeners named Paul Amici (aka Paul Senior).

You can follow John’s progress as he put the book together and discovered more of his family’s history by going to his aunt and learning the stories around the recipes.  ChgoJohn Facebook Page is that journey.


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Podcast 1819 05-12-18 Happy High Tech Mother’s Day


Show Notes: Happy Mother’s Day

Hour 1: Tech Roundtable


Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson along with Caston Thomas and Foster Braun lead the Tech Roundtable with a sad story about a crash involving a Tesla.  Apparently two young men near Gary’s boat dock, ran a Tesla off the road at high speed and were killed. Who/what is to blame? Can anyone blame Tesla for including all the kill switches necessary to avoid this…except the one that can stop a young man from doing something deadly?

On to much more pleasant tech topics.

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Show Notes:

Hour 2: Getting grandma/pa on board with technology.


Caston Thomas started things off by introducing his mother Vicky Thomas in Georgia and telling the story of her embracing technology.









Ellece Campbell, Managing Director, OtterBase, Inc., also shared her insights as a very well connected technologist who has faced the challenges of raising a family and still being an IT professional.  Her family was in studio to confirm that she was a very special mom.





The Tech Pro Team was on hand to take …

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Podcast 1806 Falcon Super Heavy Soars and Meteorites Fall on Michigan

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Show Notes:

Hour 1: Publicity Stunt or Historic First Step


Joining us today to talk about the Space X Heavy Falcon launch and its historic impact are a team of three experts from the aeronautics field.

Richard Stiennon may surprise you as a member of this panel but he received his BS from the University of Michigan in Aerospace Engineering before becoming the international cybersecurity expert and author. Richard will be with us as a guest expert for the whole show.





Patrick Stiennon , a patent lawyer in Madison, WI, was another surprise guest.  Patrick, however, has extensive knowledge and experience in the design of …

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Podcast 1804: The Eyes of Google Are Upon You!

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Caston Thomas, CEO and founder of InterWorks Technology in Rochester, MI is both a standing tech expert and co host for he show but he is also an excellent commentator on security on the Web. So we took special note of his response to an article by another security expert on the degree of information that Google has about each of us.

Caston is going to help us look at the consequences of all that data mining and deal with the simple but profound question: What has happened to privacy? Is there such a thing anymore? How can we protect critical data e.g. SS numbers, bank account information etc.?  What does privacy mean in 2018? Is Google the only or biggest player in this field? Who else has eyes on our data?

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Podcast 1734: We’re Back! Equifax Leak & Kaspersky Fallout Oct. 14, 2017

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The whole crew (Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson and Foster Braun) is back in studio for this special live program.  This is Foster’s first time back in the studio since his stay in the hospital and we are anxious to see how that turns out.

It has been quite a couple of months!  Gary weathered the hurricane season in Ft. Lauderdale, Shared Adventureand we are still waiting for photographic proof that this isn’t just a figment of Capt. B’s imagination!  LOL

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This past week should be called “Cyber Insecurity”! First Equifax admits to a leaky help page and pulls the plug on it and Russian Cybersecurity agency Kaspersky Lab is now being black listed because of allegations that they helped Russian hackers affect our last presidential …

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Podcast 1722: “Unmanned Lighthouse” Heroes Become Victims and Highlights from Apple’s WWDC

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Sharma Krauskopf is the Executive Producer/Screenwriter of Lighthouse Unmanned which began its life as a crowdfunding project that we announced three years ago on Internet Advisor.  The movie has finally launched and is currently being screened at a film festival in Toronto, Ont.  Sharma will take us through how the Internet was used to bring this unique films to theatres and what her next project will be.


Click here to listen to Sharma Krauskopf Lighthouse Unmanned

Click here to see IMDB background on movie Lighthouse Unmanned

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 MiTechNews Headlines for June 10, 2017

Click here to listen to MiTechNews Headlines 6-10-17Mike Brennan 5-1-16

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Podcast 1719 Ransomeware Act 2 and IoT Tech Conference

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Show Notes

Hour 1



Caston Thomas President of InterWorks brings a special security report on the alarming tsunami of ransomeware that has has hit 16 NHS hospitals in the UK and up to 70,000 devices across 74 countries using a leaked exploit first discovered by the NSA.

The dust is clearing but is there a way to protect your business and/or home from extorsion  attempts?

Click here to read Caston’s Top Ten Security Recommendations

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Rick Beckers of CloudTech1 and Mike Brennan of MiTechNews share their vision for IoT Tech Connect Conference.  The gathering planned for this October will highlight what’s happening with the Internet of Things market in Southeast Michigan, including autonomous vehicles, bio-agriculture, tourism and travel, biotech and life …

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