Podcast 1806 Falcon Super Heavy Soars and Meteorites Fall on Michigan

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Show Notes:

Hour 1: Publicity Stunt or Historic First Step


Joining us today to talk about the Space X Heavy Falcon launch and its historic impact are a team of three experts from the aeronautics field.

Richard Stiennon may surprise you as a member of this panel but he received his BS from the University of Michigan in Aerospace Engineering before becoming the international cybersecurity expert and author. Richard will be with us as a guest expert for the whole show.





Patrick Stiennon , a patent lawyer in Madison, WI, was another surprise guest.  Patrick, however, has extensive knowledge and experience in the design of rocket modules and holds a significant patent one.  He and another member of the Stiennon clan run a patent law firm in Madison, WI in the shadow of that state’s prestigious University of Wisconsin.




Prof. Greg Odegard, Michigan Technical University, Hancock, MI (MTU) is Professor of Computational Mechanics and leads Space Technology Research Institute (STRI).  Odegard was a researcher at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia, from 2000 to 2004, when he joined the faculty at Michigan Tech.

Click here to listen to Falcon Super Heavy Discussion

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MiTechNews Headlines for Feb. 10, 2018

 Michigan Science Center CEO Matthews To MC IoT TechConnect April 4 At Troy Marriot

42 Companies Invest $150,000 Each In MCity

 Challenge Detroit Recruits Talent to the City for its Seventh Year

MiTechNews 2-10-18

This weekend Mike joins Gary aboard the Shared Adventure to deliver his headlines. Now that’s door-to-door delivery!

Our partnership with Mike Brennan has proved invaluable as he keeps he finger of what’s happening in tech and entrepreneurship in Michigan.  The mutual benefit is that our listeners get a compact and extensive view of the news and its sources they can trust.

 Listen to Mike Brennan and Matt Roush on their podcast: M2 TechCast, LIVE at their new time, Mondays at 2-3 PM on PodcastDetroit Network. Together we are supporting this premier IoT Conference coming to Troy.  Look for our display.

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Show Notes

Hour 2: Catch a Falling Star

Darryl Pitt is the Curator of the Macovich Collection of Meteorites in NYC and consultant to Christie’s (Auction House).  He returned to his home town to hunt for the biggest chunk of meteorite possible from the explosive arrival in Hamburg Twp. near Brighton.  Today he returns with some exciting news about the meteorite pieces that were found here.



Darryl Pitt Meteorites Fall


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Tech Roundtable: with Richard Stiennon, Ed Rudel and Caston Thomas


This segment contains a “bonus” portion that talks about some of the amazing things being done with nano technology.  As Caston Thomas would say, “Get your tin hats out!”  Caston will also lead a discussion about IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) 

Tech Roundtable Discussion

Bonus Tech Segment


If you are listening over the Townsquare Media Network or to our Podcasts (subscribe through iTunes) send us an email.  Today the whole crew is back in the studio with a full dock of topics to talk about during the second hour.

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computer-nerdTrusted Local Computer Repair Shops 

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A Little Bonus

Things are getting really scary at Boston Dynamics


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