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Android Trojan spreading via mobile botnets



Steven Vaughn-Nichols, ZDNet

Being biggest isn’t always the best thing.  Android dominates the smartphone ecosphere but that just makes it the biggest, most obvious target for hackers and they are paying attention. Now there is a report that:

Kaspersky Lab is reporting that “For the first time malware is being distributed using botnets that were created using completely different mobile malware.


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Almost Indestructible Botnet Uncovered

A malicious code known as TDL has infected nearly 4.5 million computers around the world in the last three months. Not normally big news except that security analysts are saying that this vampire won’t die even if you drive a stake through its heart.  The TDL botnet has developed its own security algorithm that makes it almost impossible to get at its main servers and even when they are shut down, the system still keeps working its damage!  Read the full story.

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Microsoft Takes Out Huge Botnet

The folks in Redmond do more than develop software, they hunt down botnets and kill them!  Witness the demise of Rustock, a botnet that at one point contained over 2 million zombie computers responsible for sending 30 billion pieces of spam a day.

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Microsoft Security Center

Microsoft has developed an excellent portal for all aspects of computer security. There are links to areas of concern for consumers, businesses and IT professionals plus lots of free downloads.  MS seems to have stepped up to the plate on security and hit some home runs.

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