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Podcast 1634 Back to School Computer Shopping with Rick Broida

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Five ways to keep your student's digital life safe

As students return to school, technology goes with them. That technology—and the data generated by it—is valuable not simply as a means for getting school work done, but also as entertainment for those brief hours between one assignment and the next. It’s for this reason that it pays to plan for disaster. With a single massive power burst, storage media that suddenly heads south, or interaction with a light-fingered ne’er-do-well, the technology your student depends on can vanish. Take these five tips to heart, however, and the loss of a device or data need not be catastrophic.

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Podcast August 11, 2012: Gadget Guy Back-To-School Guide

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Gadget Guy Back-to-School Special

C Net Blogger and Internet Advisor Gadget Guy Rick Broida has a backpack full of advice for students heading to college and high school…or rather for the folks who will pay the bill, the parents! Laptops (Ultrabooks?), Tablets, Flash Drives, Printers, Software and even Backpacks will be considered.

Rick’s Check List

Audiolio:  iPad app for taking lecture notes.

Gadget Guy Deal of the Week: Republic Wireless and its $19/month smartphone service.

The Mac Minute with Erik Anderson at the start of the second hour of our show.

Internet Advisor Takeaway:(Cal)  WinX DVD to iPad Ripper for Mac or PC is a freebee for a limited time.   This is a program you can download from Digiarty Software. For a limited time you can download the $29.95 app for free and receive the key code to have unlimited use of the product. The download is for a limited time only as it is a “Back to School” promotion. This allows you to convert you DVD’s to an iPad, iPhone, format for viewing on the go. They also offer the same program for Windows users.

If you are listening over the Michigan Radio Network or to …

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