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Apple's Big Show Sept. 10

Apple invite 2013

Apple finally officially released the date and time for  their big fall launch show: Sept 10 at 10AM PST (1PM EST).

The blogosphere has been in a frenzy to guess what the show is all about and, unlike most  past years, there is a consensus building about what is going to happen.  Zack Whitaker of ZDNet has a great collection of the most educated guesses.  Just remember Steve Jobs famous…”Oh and one more thing.”  It could be the iWach!


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Podcast 1335 Sept. 7, 2013: Child Prodigy and Our Social Media Guru

A child prodigy

Show Notes:

What did you want to be when you were 9 years old.  Our remarkable young guest, Jack Bruienne has set his sights on becoming the CEO of Apple by the time he’s 29! We wouldn’t put it past him.  Jack won a prize recently on the show by being able to name the order of three former Apple operating systems.  No coaching needed; Jack has partitioned his white MacBook to run all three! The Apple (pardon the pun) hasn’t fall far from the tree because Jack’s dad, Pepijn Bruienne helps manage thousands of Macs across the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor.  Mom, Anne Bruienne, is no slouch either; she’s a veteran eBay auctioneer from way back.

 Emily Hay, our Social Media Maven, updates us on some important networking opportunities coming up like Techonomy Detroit and help us sort out our tangled web of social media apps.  Should we be on LinkedIn, Google +,  Facebook or Tumblr…decisions, decisions. Emily’s company, HayThereSocialMedia is also collaborating on a program to improve teen driving safety called Show your school spirit on Instagram during Local 4 Friday Football Frenzy

Events: TedEx Detroit Wed. Oct. 2, 2013

MiTechNews Report

Mike BrennanWeekly …

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Podcast 1334 Hour 1 Aug. 31, 2013: Fall Tech Roundtable

tech storm

Hour 1 8/31/13

It’s the last gasp of summer and the calm before the gadget hail storm predicted for fall 2013. Our technology team ponders what the playing field will look like this fall after some big changes.

Gary, Ed, Cal, FosterShane Hamelin, CompuQuest Tech Expert

  • Will Apple’s show on Sept. 10 recapture the magic that seems to have gone.
  • What will Microsoft look like post-Balmer?
  • Windows 8.1 and the new Surface computers
  • Wearable computing a fad or the future?
  • Is there a tablet in the future of most Windows XP users?

Phil Little

Joining our tech panel: Phil Little, President and CEO Synthacon, high tech consultancy.

3D Scanning and nano helicopters are just some of his interests.

Hex Nano copter: Kickstarter campaign raised 1,000X what they asked for.

Leap Motion: Interactive 3D Technology now available at Best Buy

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that impact of our state’s growing high tech sector.

This MiTechNews report with Mike Brennan is brought to you by Mophie.Com, the maker of the iPhone juice pack, and the Engineering Society of Detroit, representing 16,000 engineers in Southeast Michigan. 

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Best Buy Trade-in Deal

Best Buy seems to be Apple’s Best Friend nowadays.  The national chain is offering a 50% discount on old iPhones when you step up to the iPhone 5.  It’s all part of Apple’s bigger strategy to clear the decks potentially for two new rumored models: iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C.  The first will be the next generation of iPhone technology that will include the new iOS7, possibly a fingerprint reader but not change to the physical phone.  The 5C is supposed to be a less expensive, multi-colored entry level iPhone that will be used to break into international markets.

Sept. 10, Apple will answer all the questions but right now you have a golden opportunity to step up to a better iPhone at a much lower cost.

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Apple – iWork for iCloud Beta Released

iWork in iCloud


Not to be outdone by Google or Microsoft, Apple released a beta version of iWork, their productivity suite, iCloud.  Unfortunately, the  The acknowledged leader in this area is Microsoft which has owned productivity on the desktop and recently gave access to a lot of that functionality with Office 365 and Web Apps.  For its part, Google has already gotten a lot of mind share with Google Docs that allow the same kind of Office in the Cloud experience within Google’s ecosystem.

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iWork for iCloud Beta Gives a Tantalizing Hint of What's to Come

iWork for iCloud


iWork for iCloud Beta is not as feature-rich as iWork on the ground, but it’s loaded with enough functionality to provide early experimenters with a pretty good idea of what’s to come. For many users, it’s already enough to meet their needs. For power users, it offers the promise of robust functionality in an elegant format — it’s certainly easier on the eyes than something like Google Docs.

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All the New Toys From Apple

All The Bright and Shiny Toys from Cupertino

In case you missed the 2 hour keynote at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference on Monday, here is a complete rundown of the highlights of this big event.  Ironically many developers are complaining that the program focused too heavily on the consumer end of the business and not enough on the things that matter most to the developers (i.e. under the hood)

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CW First Network to Stream Live Programming

While it may not be a full-fledged HDTV, the Apple TV set-top box continues to expand its portfolio. According to a story first reported by Deadline, the CW is bringing its video content to the Apple TV via a dedicated app.

The CW offering would mimic what the network already has on Microsoft’s Xbox; the network confirmed to MacRumors that the app will feature ad-supported full episodes available for streaming the day after they air. And, in a bonus for cord cutters, the app will not require an existing cable subscription to view content. A specific release date for the app has not yet been announced, though it should be sooner rather than later.

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Apple Two Step ID

Apple introduces a two step security system for its users.

Apple 2 Step

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Apple vs. Samsung Judge Overturns Award

Apple v. Samsung: Judge orders new trial on some damages, cuts award by $450M

CNet News Article

The judge in last year’s landmark Apple-Samsung patent case today cut damages on some Samsung products found to infringe Apple’s patents. Judge Lucy Koh, of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California slashed $450.5 million off the original $1.05 billion judgment and calling for a new trial on the damages to recalculate them.


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