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Apple Magic Trackpad…your mouse on steroids!

Apple has brought the magic of the touchpad from your laptop to your Mac desktop!  The Magic Trackpad uses the same gestures, and then some, as the touchpads on the MacBooks, such as pinching, scrolling and page turning.  The difference is that this is now all incorporated into a wireless device that can take the place of your mouse and give you so much more in return for a mere $69.  Can you tell what my next purchase is going to be?  Seriously, this looks like a wonderful Bluetooth device to put next to your wireless Apple keyboard that will give you mousing capabilities and so much more.   Apple also offers 6 Nicad batteries and a recharger for $29 to make this economically and ecologically a hit.  Foster Braun

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Get out of Jail Card for iPhone Hackers

A federal court has just ruled that iPhone users who decide to “jailbreak” their phones may do so with the blessing of the law.  Jailbreaking can mean either cracking the security features of the iPhone and allowing it to use non-Apple applications or allowing the owner to use other telecoms to make their calls.  Its a hacker holiday!  Full Story.

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The New Apple iPhone Released

Even Apple computer haters have to admit to intense curiosity when Steve Jobs trots out a new device or, as in this case, a rather remarkably updated version of an already popular Apple device.  Monday, June 14, the president and guiding light behind Apple unveiled the newest version of the world’s arguably most popular smart phone: iPhone 4.  Check out the full coverage (blow by blow) of the press conference at CNET or if you are looking for a shorter analysis try this MSNBC commentary.

You may also be sure that Erik Anderson will have his hands full trying to contain the commentary on The Mac Minute to 60 seconds, more or less  LOL!

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January 9, 2010

Late Night with the Internet Advisor

Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Vince Chmielewski and Erik Anderson put on their problem solving hats to handle your computer and Internet questions. 

Links From The Show review of Mac Anti-Virus programs.

Podcast: January 9, 2010 – Hour 1
Podcast: January 9, 2010 – Hour 2
Podcast: January 9, 2010 – Hour 3

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