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The Ten Best Anti-Virus Program for Macs

Ok, so we admit that Macs aren’t virus-proof! Happy? Here is a collection the ten best anti-virus programs for Macs.  Thanks to Steve Yuhasz for contributing this.

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Podcast: May 7, 2011

Show Notes:

  1. Mac Under Attack: Cal Carson leads the discussion of this week’s news stories about hacker attacks aimed at Apple computers.
  2. Osama bin Laden’s death unleashes a blizzard of malware.  Gary, Ed and Cal discuss some of the alternative security software to the big names in Security.
  3. Interview with Jay Elliott author of THE STEVE JOBS WAY: iLEADERSHIP FOR A NEW GENERATION
  4. Remote Assistance for Computers: Our expert tech guys Ed and Cal are joined by Shane Hamelin, on of the online techs at CompuQuest Inc. who helps listeners out using remote assistance software.
  5. Erik Anderson has The Mac Minute with the latest in Apple news and rumors…most often rumors and…

Our second hour is dedicated exclusively to answering listener questions.

Podcast: May 7, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: May 7, 2011 – Hour 2

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Apple Releases Massive OS X Update

Apple released a monstrous package of fixes for 134 vulnerabilities in OS X 10 (Snow Leopard) software. To put this in perspective, Microsoft, which release a monthly package of fixes would have to combine the last six months to come close. Someone at MS is having a little chuckle and Mac users better wipe that smug grin off their faces. I’d love to see the Apple vs Microsoft ad for this one! LOL

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