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amanda-lewanBy Amanda Lewan on December 30, 2014

Michigan is for makers, makers who aren’t afraid of pushing the boundaries while they create.

At Michipreneur, we uncover many of these makers and their new products developed.  Last year we covered hundreds of businesses, events large and small, and watched over 143 startups populate our growing Michigan Startup Directory.

All of this business growth excites and inspires us, and some businesses really stand out as innovating their industry. Sometimes innovation can be simple, the combination of unlikely ingredients to create a whole new product. Other times innovations lead an industry by inventing a whole new approach.

The following are the most innovative stories we witnessed in 2014. We hope they inspire you to keep pushing boundaries this year.

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What to expect from Apple's September 9 event

Roll them bones, strain the tea leaves, and consult your crystal balls. WithApple’s September 9 event now a matter of public record, the only sensible way to while away the hours over the next week and a half is to speculate about what precisely the company might have hidden up its sleeves strange temporary building.There are any number of rumors afoot about what Apple has in the works, but that doesn’t mean that every single theoretical device from Cupertino will pop up at September’s event. But there are certainly plenty of options to choose from, especially given Apple’s coy “wish we could say more” invitation.


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Gary Baker 2014 IT/Enterprise Predictions

We talked a little SMAC last year, but we are really going to talk SMAC in 2014.  My job is to make predictions about technology in the enterprise, so we are going to be talking enterprise-level SMAC.

SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud.

Social – Most businesses have dabbled in it so far with maybe a Facebook page to compliment its Web site.  Most business people see the advantages of using LinkedIn and are probably getting some targeted news and maybe participating in a discussion or two through their affinity groups.  But, 2014 will be the tipping point where businesses will be expected to have more than a passing presence.

Mobile – There are two sides to the mobile equation.  Of course there are more and more mobile devices in the work place even though business are reducing the number of employees that are provided a smartphone or tablet.  BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an official policy at some companies and employees are encouraged to BYOD and the company will allow them to access the wireless network and gain access to their company email and other information.  At other companies without a formal BYOD …

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