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Podcast 2024 – Mary Mary quite contrary. How does your garden with IT grow?

We will be talking about tech gadgets that can help you out in the garden to make it productive now and into the future. Also Gary will have our guests who co wrote the book “Tech Leadership 4.0”.

Dr. Robert Pasick is a Psychologist specializing in executive coaching and family business consulting. As well as appearing on OPRAH, he is the author of nine books including his latest, “Tech Leadership 4.0”, which describes the power of bringing emotional intelligence to leader ship in the tech world.


Michael Anleitner is founder and President of Livonia Technical Services Company (, training and consulting company started in 1985 with dozens of large worldwide clients. He has 48 years of experience working in the manufacturing world, including product design and development, manufacturing operations, distribution, and quality management.

Rob and Mike’s book is available on Amazon at this link

Time Lapse camera for your garden can be found at this link

Home Weather Station can be found at this link

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Podcast 2011 – Working Remotely

With changes in work environments due to Covid19 and other reasons, more and more employees are finding themselves in the position to work away from the office. It could be in a remote location or just at home. Join us for conversation with Melih Oztalay who has a company in the U.S. SmartFinds Marketing but works from Istanbul, Turkey. We also discuss what you would need to effectively work remotely.

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Podcast 1950 – To Xfinity and …….Comcast!

Our good friend, Rob Ponto, is “in our house” to talk about holiday & new year tips, what’s new with Comcast, and some technologies like AI, security for the home & internet, and maybe even a little 5G. Join Gary, Caston and Calvin for a great discussion.

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Podcast 1949 – Securing Oneself with the Internet

Our good friend, Richard Stiennon, the internationally renowned cybersecurity authority, joins us to talk about what’s up with him, and to remind us about ways we can be more secure during and after the holidays.

Also Check out Richards new book at

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Podcast 1948 – Fiber to the Farm Internet

The internet has changed the world, but when families & businesses can get gigabit internet into their homes hundreds of miles from a city, THAT is truly life changing!  Today we are talking with Tim Malone of Cherry Capital Communications the man leading the charge to wire every square inch of Michigan with ultra-high speed internet. Let’s plow ahead digitally!

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Podcast 1944 – Tech Found in Surprising Places

Tech in unexpected places.  Wineries, breweries & distilleries are popping up all over the place.  One of the reasons is that technology is enabling this trend.  Today, we’re going to spend time with Ginny & Matt Sherrow a Michigan vintner, brewer & entrepreneur and talk about how tech is helping grow their enterprise. It’s more than squishing grapes!

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