Shane Hamelin's "High Tech Thanksgiving"

Shane Hamelin, CompuQuest Tech ExpertBy Shane Hamelin
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Making Thanksgiving a little less stressful and more fun this year with a “High Tech Thanksgiving”
We scoured the internet for holiday products with one thing in common, better technology. After all,
this is the future right, we may not have flying cars yet but at least we can have a fried turkey without the fear of burning down the garage this year…

1.)    Thanksgiving Menu Apps – As the family cook, I’m always looking for ways to improve the Thanksgiving Day Fest. You would think, there must be a better way to server canned cranberries right? Well there is…
I’ve listed two menu apps for both iOS and Android, which should help take a lot of the guess work and wasted time thinking of new receipts and free up some extra time to spend with the family this year.

iOS –                           Thanksgiving Menu Maker from Fine Cooking

Android –                  Thanksgiving Recipes HD

2.)    Char-Broil OIL-FREE Infrared Turkey Fryer – There will be NO fire trucks at this guy’s home this year.  I know, some people love the adventure of cooking their bird in molten lava with the chance of either an eruption or one heck of a viral video. I’m hoping to Demo/Review this one for you guys this holiday season but until then, check them out here:

Charbroil Infrared Turkey Fryer “Big Easy”

3.)    Black Friday Shopping App called: The Find – If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is run around like a madman on Black Friday. Heck, I’m still a Tryptophan walking zombie for a few days after the big gorge of Thanksgiving Dinner.  So instead, download this little app to your loved one’s iOS or Android device before they head out on their conquest! The app will track ALL the HOT Black Friday Deals and compare all the store prices for you, no need to run store to store and waste gas money. Remember, the money saved means more to save towards that PS4!

The Find App

4.)    KeyIngredient Recipe Reader – Being the main cook in our family, recipes are a nightmare for me. I have them taped inside my kitchen cabinets, stuffed in sandwich bags and stained with every sauce and oil possible. Within a couple steps you can start importing your recipe stockpile and loading them into you reader. After creating an account, downloading a small iOS or Android app, you are then ready to control the recipe madness. Out of a certain ingredient for that last minute dinner? Not a problem, the reader will look for ingredient alternatives for your dish.

KeyIngredient Recipe Reader

5.)    iGrill Grilling/Cooking BBQ Bluetooth Thermometer – Its Thanksgiving Day, Detroit Lion are killing the packers and everyone is together… AT THE HOSPITAL! Why you ask, because your turkey was under cooked and now several people have food poisoning. WAKE UP! Yes, it was only a dream (Nightmare) so let’s make sure that doesn’t happen this year to you. The iGrill Thermometer may not guarantee perfect turkey each time, but it’s sure a cool Bluetooth cooking device. Download the iOS/Android App and the thermometer with now wirelessly sync with most smart phone or tablet devices. Give your family the peace of mind that their food is perfectly cooked at target temperature and safe for consumption.

iGrill Bluetooth Thermometer

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