Internet Advisor: 11/17/12 The Cheapskate's Guide to Black Friday

Show Notes:

Cheapskate’s Guide to Black Friday. Unstuff your wallet wisely with the help of Rick Broida, aka The Cheapskate (also Gadget Man).  For 5 years Rick has been squeezing nickels till the buffalo mooed.  Black Friday is coming and the deals are already being rolled out.  Catch Rick’s list of the Five Best Black Friday Deals.

Phoenix Guide to Detroit: Brandon Helderop, By day, Brandon’s occupation is in Marketing and Advertising. By night, he is the Co-Founder of Fail Detroit, a website that aims to promote innovation in Metro Detroit. When not doing those things, Brandon has a passion for writing about Metro Detroit’s startups, leadership and social media. You can follow him on Twitter at @B_Helderop. Emily Hay, our Social Media expert will introduce Brandon and share why she posted an entry on FailDetroit .


How to pick your next computer: Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, and Shane Hamelin share the key things to keep in mind when shopping for a new computer during Black Friday or the holidays.

CNET Laptop Buying Guide
CNET Tablet Buying Guide
How to Buy a Computer: TechSpot

Hour 2:

The First Week with Windows 8: Special review of Windows 8 Pro 7 days post-upgrade. A non-techie perspective on Windows 8 with Ginny Braun (Foster’s wife).
An excellent resource for  Your First Hour With Windows 8: Woody Leonhard’s excellent guide to getting on board Win 8 Pro.

Your first hour with Windows 8

Internet Advisor Takeway: Explore the Universe with Google’s 100,000 Stars (Thanks to Tech News Today for the link.)

Select Listener Questions Answered: If you email us a question about your computer, we will answer selected emails during this segment of our recorded programs.

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