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Podcast Aug. 23, 2014 : Streamer Shootout with Rick Broida & Matt Roush Visits

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Show Notes:

TV Streamer Showdown

Rick Broid, CNet Blogger

Rick Broida

Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku or Apple TV: which is the best feature for feature and dollar for dollar?   Rick Broida, the Gadget Guy, @justrick,  picks the best of the “streamers”, digital devices that connects you to a world of entertainment on your TV over the Internet.  Key to cutting the cord or just another gadget to attract dust? Gizmodo Streamers Comparison Chart 

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Rick had another surprise that will have everyone in studio running for cover.

Watch the Maiden Flight of Captain Broida’s Drone

ESD Logo

Legendary Detroit Tech Commentator Leads ESD Promotion

Matt Roush

Matt Roush has guided Detroit readers and listeners for years with his insights into technology and its place in Michigan.  Now Matt is  the Communications Director for the Engineering Society of Detroit.  This venerable Detroit institution is out front providing forums for development in Michigan and Detroit. Matt is also the editor of Technology Century Newsletter for the ESD.

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Back to School Tech

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MiTechNews Headlines

Mike BrennanMike Brennan, Editor and Host of MiTechNews

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Hour 2        Answering Listener Questions:

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Foster Braun

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Foster Braun

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Video Editing Software


Click Here to Listen to Bonus Segment: Ed’s Excellent Advice: Ninite.com

Ed at Mike on WJRThis bonus segment was recorded outside of our show time.  Ed Rudel shares a powerful tool for anyone who is restoring a computer to proper function and doesn’t want to spend hours downloading standard programs one by one.  The site is www.ninite.com




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Gizmodo Comparison Chart of TV Streaming Devices

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        Click on the Chart to Expand

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Will Roku bring smart TVs into the cool crowd?

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Low-price Hisense and TCL sets with Roku’s brains built in may have the best shot yet at moving smart TVs from niche shopping consideration to popular norm. by Joan E. Solsman  August 18, 2014 9:00 PM PDT Smart TVs have long been exiled to the outcast table, but Roku televisions may be arriving at just the right […]

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Steve Balmer Leaves Microsoft Board

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Former Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer quit his post as a company director after 14 years, giving new CEO Satya Nadella an even freer hand to reshape the company. Mr. Ballmer, fresh off his $2 billion purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball franchise, indicated that his duties as team owner, among other interests, wouldn’t leave enough time to stay on Microsoft’s board. […]

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Meet the new, reversible USB!

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USB 3.0 Promoter Group has announced that it has finalised its redesign of the USB. Called USB Type-C, the specification — which was announced last December — aims to solve several problems with current USB design; possibly the most exciting of which is the eradication of “right way up” with a reversible plug. Like Apple’s Lightning connector, […]

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