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Podcast 1416 April 19, 2014: Richard Stiennon Stopping Heartbleed & Mike Finney on Boosting Michigan Business

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Show Notes:

Hour 1

Team Rush Wins FIRST Robotics State Championship

Gov and Team Rush Steve Hyer and Team Rush members, Cameron Razdar and Jennifer Ray report on their exciting win and the  upcoming World FIRST Robotics Championships in St. Louis, MO on April 25, 2014.

 Click Here to Listen to Steve Hyer and Team Rush

Stopping the Bleeding from Heartbleed

Richard Stiennon

Richard Stiennon

Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest, is a noted security expert and our frequent contributor, gives us the big picture on the Heartbleed bug which has been described as one of the worst security holes in Internet history because of the depth of impact.  Ironically it has been generally unexploited for over two years until it was discovered recently by security researchers.  Richard gives us the big picture of the consequences of this bug and what we can do about it.

 Click here to listen to Richard Stiennon

Firefox Browser Plug-in That Checks for Heartbleed Vulnerability


The Business of Promoting Michigan’s Business

Mike Finney, MEDC

Mike Finney, MEDC


Business makes Michigan tick and Michigan’s businesses are the primary concern of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.  Mike Finney, President and CEO of the MEDC joins us to talk about the MEDC’s mission and the impact it is having on our economic future.

 Click here to listen to Mike Finney MEDC


MiTechNews Report

Mike Brennan

Mike Brennan, Editor


The MiTechNews Report is a weekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and  publisher of MiTechNews.com which focuses on technology headlines and the impact of our tate’s growing high tech sector.

 Click here to listen to MiTechNews 4-19-14



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Hour 2        Answering Listener Questions

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun

Click here to listen to Hour 2:Listener Q&A

Click here for the official report on the data leaks at Michaels

Belated Happy Birthday to the Original Internet Advisor, Gary Baker!

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New Podcast Channel for Internet Advisor

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We are proud to announce the launch of a new podcast channel for the content you enjoy on the Internet Advisor throughout the year in collaboration with F7studios in Grand Rapids, MI.  This channel is produced and maintained by F7 Studio owner, Jason Johnson. What makes this unique is that it will contain not only […]

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Meet The Reversible USB Cable, Coming This Summer

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TechCrunch Posted Apr 2, 2014 by Darrell Etherington (@drizzled) Before Apple’s Lightning cable, I never even dreamed of a life where input/output cables could be reversible. Now, however, it’s hard to go back to standard and micro USB, because I got so lazy. Soon enough, however, USB is getting a new reversible standard called “Type-C” which is around the size […]

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What is Aereo and why does it have the TV networks in an uproar?

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This week the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that should determine the future of Aereo, an over the air delivery system for local TV signals.  Here is an article from earlier this year that describes the battleground and why this is an important battle in communications history. Summary: Aereo is the new […]

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MacGroup Detroit Monthly Meeting: Sunday, April 27

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  Join the Largest Apple Macintosh User’s Group in Michigan, covering the Detroit Metropolitan area this coming Sunday, April 27. Topic: How to Watch TV on your Mac/iOS Devices Join us for the next meeting where we will explore various ways of watching live TV and recorded shows on your Mac or iOS Devices.

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