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Podcast Sept. 8, 2012: Preparing for Windows 8

Show Notes:

Making the transition from Windows 7 to 8Peter Han, Microsoft US OEM Vice President

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Internet Advisor Takeaway: Bump,free application for iPhone or Android that lets you share contact information with another iOS device owner by grasping the device in your hand and “bumping” them together. Voila, the contact is in your address book. You can also share pictures the same way!

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Quick Fix for Win 7 SP1 update installation errors

Seems that Microsoft made a bit of a hash of the recent SP1 release to Windows 7. Here is a cure for what may ail some of you who had the installation go sideways!  Imagine that!

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Special Internet Only Interview: Mrs. Wizard

Because the show was preempted by MSU Football, we present you with a special podcast.  This week’s interview is with Cindy O’Neil otherwise known as Mrs. Wizard.  She has been helping people for over 15 years both in her hometown, Memphis, TN, and around the globe through her excellent website.  You’ll also find out about her latest outing: a blog about the Kindle (Amazon’s Ebook Reader).   (Foster Braun)

Mrs. Wizard

Mrs. Wizard Interview (approx. 20 minutes.)

As your Labor Day BBQs near, I thought you might be specifically interested in checking out Kayem’s Franksteiner application ( which allows you to create your very own hot dog recipes. Upon entering the hot dog laboratory, you can choose from a selection of more than 20 toppings to “dress up your dog.” Upon completion, you can submit your creation to the hot dog gallery for your chance to win coupons from Kayem.
So before traveling to the supermarket for tons of hot dog toppings this coming weekend, be sure to visit the site to test out what works and what doesn’t!

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