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Podcast 1501 Jan. 3, 2015: Security, Drones, Unicorns & Innovation



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Internet Advisor Predictions 2015


Internet Advisor Predictions 2014


Hour 1:  2015 Year of the Super Hack?

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Super Hack

Richard StiennonRichard Stiennon, President of IT-Harvest is an international authority on security and a frequent contributor to the Internet Advisor.  Richard will give us his outlook on top security concerns from a global and national perspective.  Will this state sponsored hacking go from Cold War to a very Hot War with an attack on our infrastructure?

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TrustPipe: Personal Security for $5/Year

Ridgely EversRidgely Evers, CEO of TrustPipe reveals a new way of security your computer, servers and even hardware against the slickest attacks by hackers.  Don’t miss this conversation; it could be the difference between security and misery in 2015.

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MiTechNews Headlines

Mike BrennanMike Brennan, Editor and Host of MiTechNews

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 Hour 2: Drones & Future Forecasting

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Drones over Detroit

Social Media Predictions 2015

Emily Hay

Emily Hay , founder and CEO of HayThereSocialMedia and  our social media expert,  looks into her crystal ball and tells us what to …

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TrustPipe Offers New Security Solution for $5/Year

There are four key metrics for evaluating computer security solutions; TrustPipe provides greater than 10X improvements across all four:

  1. ACCURACY — In years of testing and real-world usage, there have been zero false positives (acceptable traffic blocked) and zero false negatives: no device protected by TrustPipe has eversuffered a remote root compromise. (but…)
    We’ve caught every “zero-day” event (a “new” attack vector) since we began testing – even ones no other technology detected. (but…)
    We are unaware of any other technology that can support these claims.
  2. EFFICIENCY — TrustPipe’s footprint is actually more than two orders of magnitude smaller than traditional solutions. And its impact on overall system performance is nearly undetectable.
  3. RESILIENCE — TrustPipe automatically adapts to changes in the threat environment, in real time. Within minutes of detecting a true zero-day event, the entire global hive of TrustPipes is inoculated against it.
  4. COST — TrustPipe’s technology allows us to operate far more efficiently as a business. We do not require the teams of people most security technologies need to stay current. And by keeping the team small and focused, we didn’t have to raise the large amounts of capital most security companies require

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