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"Malwarebiter" Cyber Threat: DO NOT INSTALL

‘Malwarebiter’ (an obvious attempt to copycat  Malwarebytes, the excellent anti-malware software) is being advertised as the ‘Worlds Greatest Anti-Malware Software.’ It is really a fake Anti-Malware software product that identifies legitimate files as malware and fails to detect any real malware.  In addition, the “Malwarebiter” web site is actually spreading malware, a drive-by exploit in the form of a Zeus Trojan delivered either by Java or a PDF. 


This is a serious threat but ironically  if you google Malwarebiter, Malwarebytes comes up….just another way for the cyber mafia to damage business and commerce online.

Here is a screenshot of the fake Malwarebiter cyber scam:


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Over 600,000 Macs Infected with Flashback Trojan

There is a worm in the Apple or in more than a half million of them. The new Flashback Trojan requires no interaction to insert itself into the Mac computers; just visit the poisoned website and Wammo!  Apple released a patch later in the week but the fears are rising that this is just the first of a new wave of malware.

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Anonymous Catches a Virus

According to some news sources, Anonymous hackers may have had more to worry about than one of their own becoming an informant for the FBI.  Apparently someone slipped the hacker collective a nasty little trojan of their own that infected members’ machines.  Wonder if their anti-spyware caught it!  Earlier in the week it was reported that 25 members of the Anonymous had been rounded up in Latin America and it was revealed that a former member had turned FBI informant when he got caught out in the open.

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