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Podcast: February 18, 2012

Show Notes:

  • Technology and Education: Cure or Curse: Steve Hyer, CEO IGD Solutions and Member of the Clarkston, MI School Board. Also joining Steve will be a group of students involved in the FIRST Robotics Team from Clarkston, Team Rush 27.
  • Cash Mobs: Andrew Samtoy, co-founder of Cash Mobs Cleveland.  A creative and fun way to help small businesses and rejuvenate community.
  • Tracking Snow Plows: Russ Hanshue and Dave Wilburn have developed an application which allows Ann Arbor citizens to know where the snow plows are in order find the best route to work or avoid shoveling the driveway more than once.

Podcast: February 18, 2012 – Hour 1

Podcast: February 18, 2012 – Hour 2

Podcast: February 18, 2012 – Hour 3

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Chrysler Foundation Awards Grants to 15 Southeast Michigan FIRST Robotics Teams

Since 1989 Chrysler Foundation has been inspiring students in engineering and technology through their grants to FIRST robotics teams.  This year more than $110,000 will be disbursed to 15 teams from 19 high schools in Southeast Michigan.  Read the full story here and the complete list of teams.

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