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Podcast 1804: The Eyes of Google Are Upon You!

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Caston Thomas, CEO and founder of InterWorks Technology in Rochester, MI is both a standing tech expert and co host for he show but he is also an excellent commentator on security on the Web. So we took special note of his response to an article by another security expert on the degree of information that Google has about each of us.

Caston is going to help us look at the consequences of all that data mining and deal with the simple but profound question: What has happened to privacy? Is there such a thing anymore? How can we protect critical data e.g. SS numbers, bank account information etc.?  What does privacy mean in 2018? Is Google the only or biggest player in this field? Who else has eyes on our data?

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Survey: Majority of Americans Think NSA Access To Phone Records Reasonable

WASHINGTON DC – The battle between privacy and security has reared its head again with the news that the National Security Agency gained access to the phone records of U.S. citizens. But a majority of people polled think this practice is reasonable.
Among 1,005 Americans surveyed by the Pew Research Center and The Washington Post, 56 percent said they believe that tracking phone records is an “acceptable way” to investigate terrorists, CNET News.Com reported. Taking the opposite view, 41 percent consider the practice unacceptable, while 2 percent weren’t sure.

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