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Five ways Surface RT beats Android tablets

Tech Republic

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, famously said, “You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not gonna be pleasing to the user.” However, Surface RT was a different story. In fact, I’ve increasingly been using Surface RT more than any of my Android devices. Here are five reasons why.
1. Microsoft reimagined the OS
Windows 8 wasn’t a mature mobile OS, but the interface leverages mobile touch devices in a form that follows function. iOS and Android both took a classic icon-based desktop design, shrunk it down to smartphones, and then expanded it to run on larger tablets. Microsoft reimagined the OS to work around the device. Gestures take some practice to master, but they make navigation more intuitive. Windows 8 on a touch device gets out of your way. The actions become natural to interact with apps, to navigate through the OS, and to organize and customize the platform.
I recently talked to someone who said that when they go back to their non-touch Windows desktop, they find themselves reaching out to perform touch actions. I found the same thing when returning to Android tabs after using Surface RT. When you miss features …

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Windows 8 Surface RT Review

It’s hard to find well balanced reviews of the new Windows RT Surface; reviewers either seem to be lovers or haters, no middle ground.  That’s why this review by Erik Franklin, Senior Editor at CNet.  It is fair, balanced and neither overly critical nor unwilling to look at the downside (e.g. lack of Apps.)

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Podcast Oct. 27, 2012: Windows 8 "Surfaces" and a Mini Apple Drops

Show Notes

Windows 8 officially “Surfaced” Oct. 25. To help you understand the operating system, the devices and the future of this controversial and revolutionary change by Microsoft we have invited three experts from Apex Digital to join Foster Braun, Ed Rudel and Cal Carson:

Jason Lambiris, Founder and CEO Apex Digital and
Justin Coffey,
Technical Solutions Professional.


Our Mac Expert Cal Carson gives us his perspective on this newest Apple creation and the other hardware changes announced Oct. 23.



Internet Advisor Takeaway: Blue Stacks. Free Instant Android apps on your Windows/Mac devices.


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