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Podcast 1722: “Unmanned Lighthouse” Heroes Become Victims and Highlights from Apple’s WWDC

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Podcast 1627 Lighthouse Unmanned & Play Bigger

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Keepers, Stage II & Comcast Speed


Point Aux Barques Lighthouse, Port Hope, MI

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Keepers, Stage II

Technology of all sorts is radically changing our society and lives.  The independent film Keepers dramatically portrays the impact of those changes on the lives of the brave men, women and families who ran the lighthouses of the Great Lakes and beyond.  Sharma Krauskopf, executive director of the movie, joins us to launch Stage 2 of her tireless effort to get this movie produced in Michigan despite recent politically motivated repeal of movie incentives.  Sharma discusses the progress made, actors cotracted and crowdfunding campaign started for Stage II.



Stuart St. Paul, the film’s director, also called in from England to share his perspective on the road to producing Keepers.  He talked about the director’s job and the interaction with Sharma as screenwriter.  Stuart is currently directing a web-based mini-series in Great Britain call Shades of Bad.




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Keepers: Crowdfunding Campaign


Bonus Section:

A frank discussion with Sharma Krauskopf about the future of movie making and viewing. Streaming video on the Internet is taking a deep bite out of the already tottering movie …

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Podcast 1332 Aug. 17, 2013: Keepers, the Movie, and Helping Teachers Back to School

Pointe Aux Barques

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Emily Hay, Social Media Expert and CEO of Hay There Social Media, shares her recent adventures with women entrepreneurs in Scotland and Chicago. Emily will also introduce a Detroit based start-up focused at helping teachers.  Youth and Education in Michigan Tweetchat.


deanksharma4Dean and Sharma Krauskopf share the adventure of creating a full length movie here in Michigan using online resources.  Sharma has written the screenplay for Keepers, the story of a lighthouse keeper on the shores of Lake Huron who faces extinction by oncoming technology.  Dr. Dean Krauskopf is the host of WJR’s Garden Program heard just before the Internet Advisor on WJR.

Make a pledge on Kickstarter to fund Keepers.  kickstarterlogo

Lisa AlbertsLisa Alberts, Director of Marketing, for Chalkfly, an online school & office supply retailer on a mission. Teachers annually spend $1.6 Billion out of pocket on supplies for their classroom. Chalkfly aims to be part of the solution by giving 5% of every purchase to teachers. Check out Ryan Newman’s NASCAR logo at MIS Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013.

Ryan Newman

Mike BrennanWeekly feature with Mike Brennan, editor and publisher of, highlighting technology headlines from Michigan and around the world that …

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