Keepers, Stage II & Comcast Speed


Point Aux Barques Lighthouse, Port Hope, MI

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Hour 1

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Keepers, Stage II

Sharma Krauskopf

Sharma Krauskopf,

Technology of all sorts is radically changing our society and lives.  The independent film Keepers dramatically portrays the impact of those changes on the lives of the brave men, women and families who ran the lighthouses of the Great Lakes and beyond.  Sharma Krauskopf, executive director of the movie, joins us to launch Stage 2 of her tireless effort to get this movie produced in Michigan despite recent politically motivated repeal of movie incentives.  Sharma discusses the progress made, actors cotracted and crowdfunding campaign started for Stage II.



Stuart St. Paul

Stuart St. Paul

Stuart St. Paul, the film’s director, also called in from England to share his perspective on the road to producing Keepers.  He talked about the director’s job and the interaction with Sharma as screenwriter.  Stuart is currently directing a web-based mini-series in Great Britain call Shades of Bad.




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Keepers: Crowdfunding Campaign


Bonus Section:

A frank discussion with Sharma Krauskopf about the future of movie making and viewing. Streaming video on the Internet is taking a deep bite out of the already tottering movie theatre empire.  Hollywood is being seriously threatened by companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vimeo and YouTube.  Where will we see the story of the Keepers told: movie theatres or on our computers and smartphones? (This is that was recorded in addition to our conversation during the radio show.)

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Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Satisfies the Need for Speed

Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert, VP PR, Comcast Heartland Region

Michelle Gilbert, VP of Public Relations for Comcast Heartland Region joins us to announce that they are increasing Internet speeds in Michigan at no additional charge to customers. The company will increase the speed of its popular Blast! tier by 50 percent to 75 Mbps and introduce a new Extreme 150 Mbps speed tier. In addition we discuss Comcast’s introduction of Gigabit Pro service, a professional-grade residential fiber-to-the-home solution that leverages its fiber network to deliver 2 Gbps upload and download speeds.  The new speeds and tiers are available immediately to the vast majority of new and existing customers in the following markets: Ann Arbor, Bad Axe, Benton Harbor/St. Joseph, Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Jackson and Lansing.

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Hour 2            Answering Listener Questions

“Remember: The only dumb question … is the one you don’t ask!”


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Ed and Talon

Thanks to Talon Rudel for helping to answer calls and produce Hour 2.





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