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Bing Beats Google At Searching!

According to this article from Information Week if you want more accurate results in our searches, use Microsoft’s Bing search engine.  Personally I like to compare them side by side every now and then to compare them.  One tip for better searching is to use a complete phrase rather than just one word.  Despite the laurels for Bing, Google is still the 500 lb gorilla with nearly 80% of market.

Foster Braun

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Internet Search tips and tricks

Ed Rudel Special Search Tips (Click on link to hear the segment of our 4/09/11 program where we discuss the tips and the new addition to the Toolkit)

Can you imagine the internet without web search capabilities?   We would have to know specific web site addresses for every web site we visit.  A simple comparison would be memorizing all of the phone numbers we use on a daily basis and if we needed to find a new business or person we would have to look the information using the yellow or white pages.

Internet search portals provide the ability to type in a simple name, phase, or question and display a list of web site links that contain the words you provided.  These search results can be overwhelmingly huge and may or may not pertain to the information you were looking for.

The more specific the information you provide (the search criteria) the better the results.  Internet sites like “Google, Bing, Yahoo, or are continuously refining and improving but there are a number of tips you can use to improve your Search results on your favorite Internet search site.

If you have an Internet Search tip or trick, send …

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