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Get Ready for Sports Season Preemptions

MSU Helmet MSU basketball


Those magnificent Big Men in Green and White are coming!

Starting in the first week of September 2013 and stretching through  March Madness 2014, the Internet Advisor will politely step out of the way of this thundering herd on WJR 760 AM Detroit.  That means that on any given Saturday when you tune in to 760 AM between 4-6PM EST on the air or over the Internet at, you won’t hear our program….BUT WE ARE STILL HERE EVERY SATURDAY.

Like the old USPS saying, “Neither rain (football) nor snow (basketball) can keep us from our appointed rounds!” (Here’s the real story)

Gary, Ed, Cal, Foster

Every Saturday Foster, Gary and our computer techs and experts are in studio interviewing interesting guests and answering question that you supply via email.  We then publish those shows as podcasts on Sunday night as always and send them to the Michigan Talk Network for our affiliates.  The only thing that changes is how you listen to the show.  So we want to encourage you to:

  1. Visit our homepage each week to check the Show Notes
  2. Sign up for our podcast on iTunes or through your favorite app
  3. Send us your questions

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