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The FCC's net neutrality rules: 5 things you need to know

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Show 1509 WJR 760 AM Sat. Feb. 28, 4-6 PM: Detroit's Digital Divas & Title 2 Rules!


Digital Divas Logo

Show Notes:

Detroit’s Digital Divas Are Here!

Digital Divas

Nicole JohnsonNicole Johnson has been a Systems Engineer and has worked across business units within Cisco for over 8 years. Her experience ranges from Security Consulting to Technical Marketing for Learning and Development.

Kathleen Norton-Schock

Kathleen Norton-Schock is an experienced executive with excellent skills in worldwide marketing management, new business development, product/service launch and promotion, in the high technology (IT) industry.

amanda-lewanAmanda Lewan is co-founder of Bamboo Detroit, a workspace for startups and entrepreneurs at Brush and Gratiot in downtown Detroit.  She is a tireless promoter of entrepreneurs and new businesses in Detroit.

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FCC Ruling….Net Neutrality or Net Zero?


Tim Karr, Senior Director of Strategy for FreePress looks at this week’s decision by the FCC to place Internet Communication under the jurisdiction of Title 2 of the Telecommunications Act.  Is this a victory or just another chess move in an unending shell game with the communication giants?



This is an excerpt from one of the simplest and best explanations of the decision we have read:

“Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to regulate broadband companies (including wireless companies) in much the same

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FCC and Net neutrality: What you really need to know

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Podcast 1506 2/7/15 :FCC Battle Stations, Sportsman Tracker, Anthem/BCBS Connection and Mind Set



Hour 1

Net Neutrality Battle Stations

tomwheeler2-300x300FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler opened the battle for Net Neutrality this week by declaring that wired and wireless carriers would be classified as “common carriers” under Title 2.


Charlie HopperCharlie Hopper, owner of, both wired and wireless services, in northern Michigan shares his perspective on the decision and why he thinks it may hurt more than help net neutrality.


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Twitter Launches Group Messaging


Emily Hay, founder of Haytheresocialmedia describes a new way to get your message out to a select group of people quickly with Twitter’s new Group Messaging.  She will also tell us what moms thought about the Super Bowl Ads and her recent appearance on TV as part of a select panel of local experts.


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Jeff Courter is the founder of a Grand Rapids based company which recently secured new venture capital to launch its first hunting app Sportsman Tracker this coming March.  Jeff’s idea has found enthusiastic acceptance and the app is almost ready to launch.  Full details follow.



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Podcast 1503 Jan. 17, 2015: The Battle for Net Neutrality & Auto Show Wonders

net neutrality

The Battle For Net Neutrality

Show Notes:

Hour 1

In February  the FCC will propose new rules governing the use of the Internet. The battle fronts are blurred but the stakes are high: Who will control how we access this vital link to our digitized world?


Craig AaronCraig Aaron, President and CEO of FreePress joins us to describe what is at stake in this epic battle for free flow of information over the Internet.  His organization has taken up the consumer banner with a passion in this battle against private monopoly interests bent on restricting the flow of information and the development of innovation in order to promote their own profit goals.  We the people need someone looking out for us.  Enter FreePress

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NAIAS 2014 Logo

The Auto Show is in full swing with some amazing, ground breaking things happening right on the show floor, e.g. a company is printing a car or most of its parts right there! (Local Motors)  And soon learning your dashboard may be as easy as using your cell phone.(Apple Car Play)

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Podcast 1447 Nov. 22, 2014 Holiday Shopping Preview with Rick Broida

Black Friday Weekend


Show Notes:

Hour 1

Is Black Friday Such a Good Deal?…and other holiday shopping issues

Rick BestRick Broida is not only our official “Cheapskate” but he is also our monthly guide to all the goodies and gadgets he gets to review.  Rick is a widely published commentator from to Time to CNet to and a few other stops in between. You’re going to want to pay close attention and catch the tips, tricks and bargains that he has to point out at this gift giving time of year.

5 Insanely Good Deals That Make It Feel Like Black Friday All Year Long 

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Zombie banner

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie is Rick Broida’s new business. First show Dec.12 at the historic Penobscot Building in downtown Detroit. Click Here for more information 

**Click for an IA Special Interview about Trapped in a Room with Zombies**

Proof Positive That The IA Team Is Hot Stuff

Picture above was taken by Rick Broida with the Seek Thermal Camera (iOS version –

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Podcast 1421 May 24, 2014 : Patent Wars & Walk to End Blindness

All Gave Some

History of Decoration Day

Show Notes:

Patent Wars Over?

Stop Patent Troll Obama

Randy PeckAre patents choking out innovation or are they are necessary protection for innovation.  Randy Peck, Patent Lawyer of Warner, Norcross and Judd Southfield joins the team as co-host to discuss key rulings this week in Apple/Samsung and Google.

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Walk to End Blindness


John Whitacre, Mary Kumer, and Jesse Lowe present the work of iChallenged and promote the upcoming Walk to End Blindness

Walk to End Blindness: June 7-8, 2014 – 7:00 am Shiawassee Park: Farmington, MI 48336

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Videos about and their clients

MiTechNews Report

Mike Brennan Subscribe to our co-branded MiTechNews Newsletter in  collaboration with the Internet Advisor.

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Hour 2        Answering Listener Questions:


Full Crew 2014Join the conversation with your questions during this live segment and benefit from years of tech troubleshooting expertise. REMEMBER: The

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FCC moves forward with Net neutrality proposal

The agency officially releases its chairman’s proposal while asking whether to reregulate broadband

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has voted to release a hotly debated proposal to reinstate Net neutrality rules, asking whether it should move forward a proposal allowing broadband providers to engage in “commercially reasonable” traffic management or whether it should regulate broadband as a common-carrier utility.

The FCC’s vote Thursday to approve a notice of proposed rulemaking now opens it to public comment for 120 days. The notice, or NPRM, asks whether the commission should bar broadband providers from charging Web content providers for priority traffic, which some Net neutrality advocates have feared Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal would allow.

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Inform Yourself on Net Neutrality Debate

What the FCC’s Net neutrality proposal really means

Puzzled about what the FCC’s Net neutrality vote is really all about, whether you’re an end user or a provider? Here’s the short version

By  | InfoWorld

What the FCC's Net neutrality proposal really means

First, the facts. The Federal Communications Commission voted today, 3-2, to move forward on the Net neutrality proposal floated by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler — one that, in theory, could be used by ISPs and service providers to charge users extra for faster access to premium content.

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Tech giants fight for net neutrality

NN Banner

Summary: Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other tech powerhouses are fighting for net neutrality with the federal regulator, and Mozilla has a concrete plan on how to make it happen.
By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols[1] for Networking[2] | May 8, 2014 

The battle lines are being drawn for the future of the Internet.
On one side, you have major last mile Internet providers (ISPs), such as Comcast and Verizon, demanding fees[3] from popular Internet services such as Netflix[4] for a fast lane on the Internet. On the other side, more than a hundred technology companies, including giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, recently wrote to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asking for its support[5] for a “free and open Internet.” 
It’s not just the technology powerhouses that want net neutrality. The Ammori Group, a Washington DC-based public policy law-firm, which organized this lobbying effort, said the letter was “entirely driven by the small companies and the mid-sized companies.”
It added that over 100 small companies signed letter before it included a single Silicon Valley technology titan.
“This letter reflects the beliefs of a wide range of companies, from the smallest, least resourced companies to the largest companies,

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