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Podcast: October 22, 2011

Gary Baker, Ed Rudel, Cal Carson, Foster Braun, Erik Anderson

Show Notes:

Education Embraces E-learning: Jim Rarus and Anupam Chugh talk about RESA’s role is expanding education in Wayne County through online resources.

Celebrating the iPod’s 10th Anniversary: The little device that shook the world.

Here kitty, kitty.  Taming Lion and installing iOS5 on Apple devices.

Our second hour is focused on answering listener questions that have been sent to us by email.  We will tackle each issue in a roundtable format and even call some of our listeners to answer their questions personally.  Don’t miss this segment of our show.

Podcast: October 22, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: October 22, 2011 – Hour 2

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Four Key Takeaways from Apple's New Strategy

This past Monday Steve Jobs and Apple announced a three fold plan for the future that will affect not only Apple products but, if the iPad and iPhone are any indication, the rest of the electronics industry.  Commentator Mark Sigal has four interesting insights into the implications of the new Apple Lion OS, iOS 5 for iPad and iPhone and iCloud.

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