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Podcast 1712 Protecting Our Privacy and Sculpting for the Blind

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Show Notes

Hour 1: Protecting Privacy?


Caston Thomas, CEO of InterWorks Technology, thinks the whole hubbub in the press about Congress giving away our rights to online privacy is overblown.  Plenty of other players than ISP’s have been gathering and selling our information to the highest bidder.  That is just the price of being online.



Shaun Murphy, CEO and Inventor of, might agree but he has developed a program that ensures end to end privacy and even the ability to recall email once sent.



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 MiTechNews Headlines for April 1, 2017

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MiTechNews Headlines 4-1-17

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Show Notes

Hour 2: Touch Don’t Look…Sculpture for the Blind and Apple and Windows Update News


While on his adventures in the Caribbean, Gary Baker ran into Jon Grau, a former Wolverine and a sculptor who wanted to let the blind enjoy his art.  In conjunction with …

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