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Apple – iWork for iCloud Beta Released

iWork in iCloud


Not to be outdone by Google or Microsoft, Apple released a beta version of iWork, their productivity suite, iCloud.  Unfortunately, the  The acknowledged leader in this area is Microsoft which has owned productivity on the desktop and recently gave access to a lot of that functionality with Office 365 and Web Apps.  For its part, Google has already gotten a lot of mind share with Google Docs that allow the same kind of Office in the Cloud experience within Google’s ecosystem.

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iWork for iCloud Beta Gives a Tantalizing Hint of What's to Come

iWork for iCloud


iWork for iCloud Beta is not as feature-rich as iWork on the ground, but it’s loaded with enough functionality to provide early experimenters with a pretty good idea of what’s to come. For many users, it’s already enough to meet their needs. For power users, it offers the promise of robust functionality in an elegant format — it’s certainly easier on the eyes than something like Google Docs.

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Podcast: October 15, 2011

Show Notes:

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report: Dave Sawyer,  Technical Director, MS Heartland Office, provides an overview of the security threat landscape and tips for consumers on how to stay protected.

Michigan’s Broadband Connection Report: Eric Frederick, Connect Michigan state program manager discusses the state of broadband deliver in the Wolverine State.

iPhone 4Gs is in the wild and Cal Carson, a member of MacGroup Detroit and our resident Apple expert along with Erik Anderson (producer of The Mac Minute) discuss the arrival this week of the next generation of iPhones along with iCloud and iOS5.

The second hour of the program is focused on answering your tech questions that have been emailed to us and even to talking with some lucky listeners about solving their problems. Don’t miss it!

Interview: Dave Sawyer
Interview: Eric Frederick
Full Show Podcast: October 15, 2011 – Hour 1
Full Show Podcast: October 15, 2011 – Hour 2

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Four Key Takeaways from Apple's New Strategy

This past Monday Steve Jobs and Apple announced a three fold plan for the future that will affect not only Apple products but, if the iPad and iPhone are any indication, the rest of the electronics industry.  Commentator Mark Sigal has four interesting insights into the implications of the new Apple Lion OS, iOS 5 for iPad and iPhone and iCloud.

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