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Hemingwrite: Setting Your Thoughts Free


Distraction is one of the constant variables when visiting the Internet.  No matter how strong your resolve in most cases if you are typing your content into a blog, document or whatever, suddenly an email pops up or a tweet appears or a calendar announcement suddenly taps you on your psychic shoulder and you are taken off task.  Imagine using a device that allows you to use all the advantages of digital word processing without the distractions of a browser.  You aren’t dreaming, you are thinking about Hemingwrite, a device created in Detroit and launched through FirstGiving crowd source.

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Podcast 1505 Jan.31, 2015: Happy 17th Anniversary, Heminwrite &


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Hemingwrite KickStarter Page

Hemingwrite: Throwback or Great Leap Forward

patrick_paul_smPatrick Paul is part of the local team of developers who came up with this ingenious device. Hemingwrite a distraction free writing tool that is part throwback to the portable typewriters that many of us remember fondly (or not) from late night paper writing sessions in college.  It is also a wonderful digital device that is deliberately NOT connected to the Internet.  Find out why!


rick broidaRick Broida, our favorite writer, columnist, commentator, cheapskate (and zombie wrangler) joins us for our discussion about Hemingwrite.  Is it a great leap forward for someone who is constantly on deadline for his articles?  Listen and see.


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Dog Sled

Charlie HopperCharlie Hopper, founder and CEO of and in the great frozen north of Michigan’s Upper Penninsula joins us for a double celebration.  His website went live just about the same time as the Internet Advisors hit the Internet. is applying hi tech solutions to providing broadband access to customers in the heart of our rugged Upper Penninsula where there are often more racoons than customers.  PS  He also …

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