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Podcast 1506 2/7/15 :FCC Battle Stations, Sportsman Tracker, Anthem/BCBS Connection and Mind Set



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Net Neutrality Battle Stations

tomwheeler2-300x300FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler opened the battle for Net Neutrality this week by declaring that wired and wireless carriers would be classified as “common carriers” under Title 2.


Charlie HopperCharlie Hopper, owner of, both wired and wireless services, in northern Michigan shares his perspective on the decision and why he thinks it may hurt more than help net neutrality.


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Twitter Launches Group Messaging


Emily Hay, founder of Haytheresocialmedia describes a new way to get your message out to a select group of people quickly with Twitter’s new Group Messaging.  She will also tell us what moms thought about the Super Bowl Ads and her recent appearance on TV as part of a select panel of local experts.


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Jeff Courter is the founder of a Grand Rapids based company which recently secured new venture capital to launch its first hunting app Sportsman Tracker this coming March.  Jeff’s idea has found enthusiastic acceptance and the app is almost ready to launch.  Full details follow.



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Microsoft Open New Tech Center in Michigan

Tues., Feb. 1, Governor Rick Snyder and Microsoft GM John Fikany hosted a joint news conference announcing the official opening of the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC).  The facility opening showcases Microsoft’s continued investment in the state of Michigan and featured Chrysler Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) Scott Sandschafer, Wayne State University students and Lawrence Tech University faculty, highlighting the company’s passion for innovation and commitment to the community.  Gary Baker covered the event for WJR and the Internet Advisor.

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