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Google + Hits 10,000,000 Users as of July 12, 2011

Google Buzz was a bust but Google + looks like a must.  One analyst predicted that by the end of day, July 12, 2011 Google+ would have 10 million users.  Could Facebook have finally found its match?  Think of all the things that Google can integrate with Google+: immensely popular Gmail and Google Apps, which make the world go round for many businesses.  Let’s see if Google can make it work this time!

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Microsoft Office 365: Ready for Prime Time?

Microsoft announced the release of its contender for Office in the Cloud with the release of Office 365 Beta. Reviews are mixed and there is a lot of very direct comparing going on between Google Apps and the incredibly complex pricing arrangement of Office 365 not to mention its convoluted structure.  In all fairness, this is just the Beta but it is crucial for Microsoft that businesses buy into this program big time.  Read this interesting PCmag review. Ed Bott of CNet also posted an interesting article with three things for small businesses to consider when looking at Office 365.

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