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New USB Connector 3.1 Works Both Ways

Fumble-free USB 3.1 connector will be in products by year end

@agamsh,  Apr 2, 2014 10:05 AM
The redesigned USB connector, belonging to the USB 3.1 specification, could be in laptops and mobile devices by the end of the year.The appealing advances in the USB 3.1 technology include faster data transfer speeds and the user-friendly Type C connector, which connect to devices on either end. Since users won’t have to worry about plug orientation, they should be less likely to have trouble fitting cables into slots, which will be an improvement over USB connectors.

USB 3.1 also boosts data-transfer speeds and cables will ultimately be able to move data at a speed of 10Gbps (bits per second). That’s an improvement from the 5Gbps transfer rate for the current USB 3.0 connector, which is in most laptops that ship today. The faster speeds open usage of USB 3.1 connectors to monitors, high-definition TVs and other electronics.

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The Dock is Dead?

Apple changed the dock on its new iPhone 5 and the world exploded in complaining.  But wait; maybe it doesn’t matter anymore if the digital world is going wireless!

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