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Podcast May 19, 2012: Listener Call in Special

We’re all ears, waiting to hear from  you!

This entire show is dedicated to answering listeners calls.  Our motto: “The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!”  Our full staff of tech experts is on hand to help:

  • Gary Baker, Internet Advisor co-founder and noted IT expert (CIO for SME), familiar with PC’s, networks and business applications.
  • Ed Rudel, long time white hat hacker, inveterate tinkerer (started early tearing clocks apart) familiar with PC’s, networks and Linux. Ed is currently an executive trouble shooter for HP in Detroit.
  • Foster Braun, co-founder of the Internet Advisor, show host, using PC’s since 1988, switched to MacBook Pro in 2008, “voice of the common user” frequently translating for the non-Geeks or explaining how he ruined his most recent computer!

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