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How to Disable Java on Apple

Java LogoAttacks this week on Facebook and Apple employees using a Java exploit have led to calls to eliminate the software completely.  It should be noted that in the latest versions of Apple’s OSX, Java is disabled by default. Even if it is enabled but lies unused for 35 days, it reverts to being disabled.

Nonetheless, more cautious souls have called for the permanent elimination of Java from Apple.  Here’s how to do it.

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Apple iOS App Store Gets Malware

That smug look is fading fast among Apple fanboys who used to think themselves invulnerable to the attacks of malware. Seems the Apple malware police in the iOS App store are pretty sloppy or maybe just haven’t gotten enough practice. Russian security agency Kaspersky sussed out a key poisoned app and who knows how many more their are.  The first one caught took user contacts and sent them spam and infected their machines, thank you very much.

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Over 600,000 Macs Infected with Flashback Trojan

There is a worm in the Apple or in more than a half million of them. The new Flashback Trojan requires no interaction to insert itself into the Mac computers; just visit the poisoned website and Wammo!  Apple released a patch later in the week but the fears are rising that this is just the first of a new wave of malware.

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Podcast April 7, 2012

Show Notes:

This is a very special show featuring the daughters of three of our team’s experts. Gary Baker, Ed Rudel and Cal Carson will try to catch up to their technologically advanced off-spring and to find out what role technology is playing in their lives as college coeds.

Lauren Baker, 19 is in her second year at her father’s alma mater, University of Michigan where she is studying marketing.  She has a long history of appearances on the Internet Advisor, starting when she was 5 and published her first webpage just in time for Mother’s Day 1998.

Shardae Rudel. 18 years old.  Freshman at Grand Valley State University.   her current major is “Creative Writing”, but might change it to communications. She loves to write short stories,  Choir-Show-Musicals,  hanging with her friends, and you just can’t stop her from singing.

Meredith Carson is 23 years old and attending Oakland Community College pursuing a degree in American Sign Language. She has also participated in the Disney College program. She is raising a Lab puppy for the Leader Dog for the Blind program. An avid volunteer with the Parade Company in Detroit. She is an employee with Apple computer. Her interests …

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Podcast: May 7, 2011

Show Notes:

  1. Mac Under Attack: Cal Carson leads the discussion of this week’s news stories about hacker attacks aimed at Apple computers.
  2. Osama bin Laden’s death unleashes a blizzard of malware.  Gary, Ed and Cal discuss some of the alternative security software to the big names in Security.
  3. Interview with Jay Elliott author of THE STEVE JOBS WAY: iLEADERSHIP FOR A NEW GENERATION
  4. Remote Assistance for Computers: Our expert tech guys Ed and Cal are joined by Shane Hamelin, on of the online techs at CompuQuest Inc. who helps listeners out using remote assistance software.
  5. Erik Anderson has The Mac Minute with the latest in Apple news and rumors…most often rumors and…

Our second hour is dedicated exclusively to answering listener questions.

Podcast: May 7, 2011 – Hour 1
Podcast: May 7, 2011 – Hour 2

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