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Show 1509 WJR 760 AM Sat. Feb. 28, 4-6 PM: Detroit's Digital Divas & Title 2 Rules!


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Detroit’s Digital Divas Are Here!

Digital Divas

Nicole JohnsonNicole Johnson has been a Systems Engineer and has worked across business units within Cisco for over 8 years. Her experience ranges from Security Consulting to Technical Marketing for Learning and Development.

Kathleen Norton-Schock

Kathleen Norton-Schock is an experienced executive with excellent skills in worldwide marketing management, new business development, product/service launch and promotion, in the high technology (IT) industry.

amanda-lewanAmanda Lewan is co-founder of Bamboo Detroit, a workspace for startups and entrepreneurs at Brush and Gratiot in downtown Detroit.  She is a tireless promoter of entrepreneurs and new businesses in Detroit.

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FCC Ruling….Net Neutrality or Net Zero?


Tim Karr, Senior Director of Strategy for FreePress looks at this week’s decision by the FCC to place Internet Communication under the jurisdiction of Title 2 of the Telecommunications Act.  Is this a victory or just another chess move in an unending shell game with the communication giants?



This is an excerpt from one of the simplest and best explanations of the decision we have read:

“Today, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to regulate broadband companies (including wireless companies) in much the same

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Podcast 1506 2/7/15 :FCC Battle Stations, Sportsman Tracker, Anthem/BCBS Connection and Mind Set



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Net Neutrality Battle Stations

tomwheeler2-300x300FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler opened the battle for Net Neutrality this week by declaring that wired and wireless carriers would be classified as “common carriers” under Title 2.


Charlie HopperCharlie Hopper, owner of, both wired and wireless services, in northern Michigan shares his perspective on the decision and why he thinks it may hurt more than help net neutrality.


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Twitter Launches Group Messaging


Emily Hay, founder of Haytheresocialmedia describes a new way to get your message out to a select group of people quickly with Twitter’s new Group Messaging.  She will also tell us what moms thought about the Super Bowl Ads and her recent appearance on TV as part of a select panel of local experts.


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Jeff Courter is the founder of a Grand Rapids based company which recently secured new venture capital to launch its first hunting app Sportsman Tracker this coming March.  Jeff’s idea has found enthusiastic acceptance and the app is almost ready to launch.  Full details follow.



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amanda-lewanBy Amanda Lewan on December 30, 2014

Michigan is for makers, makers who aren’t afraid of pushing the boundaries while they create.

At Michipreneur, we uncover many of these makers and their new products developed.  Last year we covered hundreds of businesses, events large and small, and watched over 143 startups populate our growing Michigan Startup Directory.

All of this business growth excites and inspires us, and some businesses really stand out as innovating their industry. Sometimes innovation can be simple, the combination of unlikely ingredients to create a whole new product. Other times innovations lead an industry by inventing a whole new approach.

The following are the most innovative stories we witnessed in 2014. We hope they inspire you to keep pushing boundaries this year.

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Podcast 1435 August 30, 2014 : Economy and Technology: Bamboo/Detroit and Techonomy Detroit


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Michiprenuer and the new economic pioneers in the D

amanda-lewanAmanda Lewan shares her passion for promoting businesses in Detroit’s gritty new world rising out of the ashes of bankruptcy.  She is co-founder of Bamboo Detroit, a workspace for startups and entrepreneurs at Brush and Gratiot in downtown Detroit. Amanda is also the editor of Michipreneur, an online publication, built to empower entrepreneurs, encourage investment, strengthen small business, and foster talent retention in Michigan. They publish news, resources, events, funding information and more for Michigan startups and businesses.

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Dean Gardening Show LogoDr. Dean Krauskopf, WJR Gardening Show host for 21 years, bids the IA crew farewell till next spring when his program, The WJR Gardening Show, reappears after March Madness 2015

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Detroit was the Silicon Valley of 50 years ago. It was the center of innovation. How do you get the people who left Detroit to come back here? It really is all about talent. STEVE CASE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, REVOLUTION LLC

David KirkpatrickDavid Kirskpatrick,  founder of Techonomy talks about the upcoming Techonomy Detroit on Sept. 16 and what he …

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